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Инструкция по эксплуатации Vox, модель VT80+

Производитель: Vox
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SPL (Special) This models a California-made amp head with a three-channel design and versatile gain switches that produce a wide variety of sounds. We’ve modeled the lead channel, which produces the ultimate high-gain tone. CST (Custom) This two-channel 120W head manufactured in Mississippi was designed for a legendary guitar hero known for his “brown sound.” This amp models features a high-gain sound that’s ideal for the tapping performance technique. 11. BOUTIQUE METAL STD (Standard) This models the overdrive channel of a 100W high-quality amp that was produced only on special order, and was known as the overdrive special. The wonderful sustain obtained by raising the GAIN control is smooth and soulful. SPL (Special) This models the crushing high-gain sound that emanated from a German-made 100W four-channel amp head. We chose the “Heavy” channel, which delivers a startling tightness when played with a dropped-D metal tuning. CST (Custom) This is an original amp model based on a recent high-gain amp, marked by a rich and hot mid-range tone and extremely powerful sustain. Since active-circuit tone controls are used on this model as well, a wide range of tonal variety can be obtained. Pedal effects Pedal effects NOTE: In order to edit the pedal effect parameter settings, effect bypass must be off (the BYPASS LED must be dark). If bypass is on (BYPASS LED lit), turning the VALUE knob will adjust the noise reduction sensitivity instead of an effect parameter. NOTE: To turn the pedal effect off, rotate the VALUE knob all the way to the left. 1. COMP This models a compressor pedal that is popular for its percussive clean sound. It’s perfect for the pop or funk music of the 80’s and 90’s. It can also produce a singing, mellow sustain. Knob Parameter VALUE SENS Adjusts the sensitivity. Turn the knob toward the right to increase the compression and sustain. 2. ACOUSTIC This is ideal when you want to play acoustic sounds. It’s a simulator that transforms the sound of an electric guitar into the sound of an acoustic guitar. We recommend that you use this with a single-coil (i.e., low output) neck (front) pickup. Knob Parameter VALUE TONE Adjusts the tone. 3. AUTO WAH This models an auto-wah; a device that creates an automatic “wah” effect that varies with your picking dynamics (i.e., how hard or soft you hit the strings) a quirky, but useful effect. Knob Parameter VALUE SENS/POL Adjusts the sensitivity of response to the guitar volume. 4. U-VIBE This models a famous phase/vibrato pedal. This effect simulates a rotary speaker, producing a seductive and emotional tone. Knob Parameter VALUE SPEED Adjusts the vibrato speed. 5. BRN OCTAVE This models a pedal that adds gravity to a sound by generating a sound one octave below, and mixing this with the original (dry) sound. 5. BRN OCTAVE This models a pedal that adds gravity to a sound by generating a sound one octave below, and mixing this with the original (dry) sound. Parameter VALUE LEVEL Adjusts the mix amount of the octave-lower sound. 6. TREBLE BOOST This models the treble booster built into the VOX VBM-1, which was designed for use with the VOX AC30. It adds “crunch” to overdrive sound. Knob Parameter VALUE GAIN Adjusts the gain. 7. TUBE OD This models a well-known overdrive pedal in a green box; the inexpressible warmth of its sound has made it a classic effect. Knob Parameter VALUE GAIN Adjusts the gain. 8. GOLD DRIVE This models an overdrive unit named after a half-human half-horse creature from Greek mythology. When the gain is lowered, this acts as a booster that preserves the original sound of the guitar. Raising the gain makes this function as an overdrive with a rich mid-range. Knob Parameter VALUE GAIN Adjusts the gain. 9. ORG DIST This is a classic Japanese-made distortion unit in an orange box. Knob Parameter VALUE GAIN Adjusts the gain. 10. METAL DIST This is a distortion unit that’s ideal for metal. Knob Parameter VALUE GAIN Adjusts the gain. 11. FUZZ Retro, brazen and rough-edged. Knob Parameter VALUE GAIN Adjusts the gain. Modulation and delay effects The VT20+/VT40+/VT80+/VT120+ provides eleven types of modulation effects, delays and other effects. The SPEED parameter of modulation effects and the TIME parameter of delay effects can be easily adjusted by pressing the TAP switch twice. HINT: To set a precise speed or time that matches the tempo of a song, press the TAP switch several times in rhythm with the song. You can use the DEPTH knob to adjust most of the parameters. In addition, you can hold down the TAP switch and turn the DEPTH knob to make more detailed settings. NOTE: To turn the modulation/delay effect off, rotate the DEPTH knob all the way to the left. 1. CE CHORUS This models a standard rich-sounding analog chorus unit. Knob/Switch Parameter DEPTH DEPTH Adjusts the modulation depth. TAP SPEED Adjusts the modulation speed in a range of 0.1...15 Hz. TAP+DEPTH SPEED Adjusts the speed. 2. MULTI CHORUS This is a deep and spacious chorus with...

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