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Инструкция по эксплуатации Vox, модель VT20+

Производитель: Vox
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HINT: If you decide to cancel the Write operation, press TUNER (BYPASS) at this point. The LED will stop blinking, and you’ll return to the previous mode. 3. For two seconds or longer, hold down the CHANNEL switch of the channel in which you want to save the sound. The program will be saved in that channel, and that bank and channel will be selected. NOTE: The program that was previously in that location will be overwritten; i.e., the program that had been in the channel you selected in step 3 will be lost. NOTE: The setting of the TUNER (BYPASS) switch is not saved in the program. NOTE: If you’re creating your sound in Preset mode or Channel Select mode, the changes you made will be lost if you switch to another program or to Manual mode or turn off the power before saving. Checking the original values saved in a program The original value indication lets you check the parameter settings that are saved in a program. When you turn a knob to change the value of a parameter, the PRESET LED (if you’re in Preset mode) or the LED of the selected channel (if you’re in Channel Select mode) will momentarily go dark when the edited value matches the value that’s stored in the program. HINT: When you’ve found a program that you like, and are interested in knowing the actual settings, you can use this original value indication to find out. NOTE: The MASTER volume and POWER LEVEL controls are not programmable, so the original value indication is not available for these controls. The original value indication will not appear when the tuner function is turned on in Channel Select mode, nor when the unit is in Manual mode. Restoring the factory settings Here’s how to restore all settings of the VT20+/VT40+/VT80+/VT120+ to their factory-set state. NOTE: This operation will erase all programs that had been saved to channels, and will initialize the factory-set programs. NOTE: This will also initialize the effect and noise reduction settings that you made in Manual mode. 1. Turn off the power. 2. While holding down the CH1 and CH4 switches, turn on the power. When the BANK and CHANNEL LEDs start blinking, release the two switches you had been holding down. HINT: If you decide to cancel initialization at this point, press the TUNER (BYPASS) switch. 3. Press the TAP switch. The BANK and CHANNEL LEDs will change from blinking to lit, and initialization will begin. In one or two seconds, initialization will be completed, and the unit will enter Preset mode. NOTE: Never turn off the power while initialization is in progress. Using the tuner The tuner function lets you tune a guitar that’s connected to the INPUT jack. 1. Press the TUNER (BYPASS) switch. All effects will be bypassed and the tuner function will be turned on. Bypass indicator (No valid signal is input.) HINT: If you want to tune your guitar with the amp output muted, hold down the TUNER (BYPASS) switch for one second or longer. When the amp is muted, the TUNER (BYPASS) LEDs will blink. 2. Play any open string. NOTE: Be careful not to play other strings accidentally. 3. Tune the string casually so that, from among five LEDs (BANK LED and CH 1– 4 LEDs) only the LED that corresponds to the string lights up. 6th (E) 5th (A) 4th (D) 3rd (G) 2nd (B) 1st (E) 4. Tune the guitar precisely while observing the TUNER (BYPASS) LED indicators. Sharp Slightly sharp In tune Slightly flat Flat 5. Press the TUNER (BYPASS) switch again to complete tuning. Using a foot switch (VOX VFS5) If you connect an optional foot switch (VOX VFS5: sold separately) to the rear panel FOOT SW jack, you’ll be able to switch banks/channels and turn effect bypass on/off using your foot. NOTE: You must connect or disconnect the foot switch while the power is off. Malfunctions or damage may occur if you connect or disconnect the foot switch while the power is on. NOTE: Do not press two or more foot switches simultaneously. Doing so may cause malfunctions. Foot switch operations in Channel Select mode Switching banks/channels (BANK, CH1–4 switches) In Channel Select mode, you can press the VFS5’s switches to change the bank or channel. NOTE: You can’t change to Channel Select mode by pressing the VFS5’s switches in Preset or Manual modes. Nor can you save a program by holding down the VFS5’s CH1–4 switches. NOTE: Use of the top panel will not be reflected by the VFS5’s LEDs. Tap to set the speed/time (CH1–4 switches) You can set the speed of a modulation effect or the time of a delay effect by pressing the CHANNEL switch of the same number as the selected channel. The time will be set to the interval between two presses of this switch. NOTE: If the modulation or delay effect is bypassed because you used the DEPTH knob, the CHANNEL switches will have no effect. Foot switch operations in Preset or Manual modes Tap to set the speed/time (CH3 switch) In Preset or Manual modes, you can set the speed of a modulation effect, or the time of a delay effect by pressing the VFS5’s CH3 switch. The time will be set to t...

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