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Инструкция по эксплуатации Dynacord, модель PSX 850

Производитель: Dynacord
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0 dBV = 1 V rms. Peak Indicator Threshold: Line Input to Aux Send: 2. Power ratings are for each channel, -10 dBV (0.310 volts) at minimum gain 46 dB both operating, unless noted. Line Inputs, Mic Input to Line Output: 3. 120-volt ac line voltage. Number: 54 dB Power Output, Left and Right Master Six mono; two stereo Line Input to Line Output: Amplifiers, Type/Connector: 36 dB 4 Ohms: High impedance, unbalanced, Mic Input to Tape Record Output: 250 watts '/»-inch phone jacks 54 dB 8 Ohms: Polarity: Line Input to Tape Record Output: 180 watts Tip positive 36 dB Frequency Response, Input Impedance: Line Input to Master Break Send: Power Amplifier: 36 kilohms at 1 kHz 10 dB 8-30.000 Hz Maximum Input Level: Aux Return to Master Break Send: Mixer: +18 dBV (7.6 volts) 8dB 8-55,000 Hz Input Channel Equalization: Tape Input to Master Break Send: Total Harmonic Distortion, ±15-dB low cut/boost centered at 50 Hz; 14 dB Power Amplifier (at rated power with a ±10-dB mid cut/boost centered at 1.5 kHz; Crosstalk (1 kHz), 4-ohm load, 1 kHz): ±15-dB high cut/boost centered at 15 kHz Adjacent Inputs: <0.03% Power Amp Inserts (break jacks): -79 dB Mixer (at +7 dBV, 20-20,000 Hz): ’/«-inch phone-plug sends and returns Input to Output: <0.08% Aux/Line/Tape Inputs, -81 dB Noise, Type/Connector: Phantom Power: Power Amplifier (residual at speaker High impedance, unbalanced, 'A-inch +48 volts dc at pins 2 and 3 on mic output with all faders down): phone or RCA-type phono jacks connector -93 dBA Polarity: Digital Effects Processor: Mixer: Tip positive 16 user-selectable stereo programs -122 dBA equivalent input noise (EIN), Input Impedance: "Busy” Indicators: microphone input with 200-ohm 47 kilohms An LED on each channel's output display termination Maximum Voltage Gain (±3 dB), illuminates when the limiter circuit is Microphone Inputs, Mic Input to Speaker Output: activated by clipping or current limiting Number: 86 dB “TBC” Indicators: Eight Line Input to Speaker Output: An LED on each channel's output display Type/Connector: 68 dB illuminates when the limiter circuit is Low impedance, balanced, Mic Input to Master Break Send: triggered by the thermal overload voice- 3-pin XLR type 56 dB coil model Polarity: Line Input to Master Break Send: Power Requirements: Pin 2 positive 38 dB 115/230-V ac, 50/60 Hz. 1,100 watts FIGURE 1 — PSX 850 Overall Dimensions FIGURE 2 50.2cm (19.8 In.) 50.5 cm ‘ (19.9 In.) f-«-¥- os8 xsd

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