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Инструкция по эксплуатации Martin Fireplaces, модель SB5400SS

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This permits flexibility in planning your installation. See Figure 23 for typical installation methods. Review the precautions and recommendations in this manual pertaining to outside combustion air installation. Glass doors should be installed to receive the maximum benefit from your fireplace. For large fires, the maximum heating benefit from the fireplace will be obtained with the doors open due to the high amount of radiant heat being emitted out of the front opening of the fireplace. With a small fire, or before retiring in the evenings, it is best to operate the fireplace with the doors closed to prevent excessive room air form being drawn up the chimney. When the doors are open, the mesh screens should be closed to help keep burning embers from popping out of the firebox. The fireplace should also be equipped with a flue damper, which must be open when the fireplace is in use. The flue damper control lever is located inside the fireplace. The counterweighted damper is operated by simply pushing up to open or pulling down to close the damper. When the fireplace is not in use, the damper should be closed to prevent cold air form entering the chimney as well as preventing warm air in the room from escaping up the chimney. NOTE: It is normal for a small amount of smoke to be released from the upper portion of the fireplace the first few times you use your new fireplace. This results from an oil residue on the metal. Open a door or window to allow the smoke to escape. The grate included with this fireplace helps to appropriately locate and contain the burning wood. Failure to use this grate may cause overheating of parts of the fireplace and allow large pieces of burning wood to roll forward out of the firebox. If the grate becomes warped or damaged, it must be replaced with grate number 050456 only. WARNING: Fireplaces equipped with doors should be operated only with the doors fully open or doors fully closed. If doors are left partly open, gas and flame may be drawn out of the fireplace opening, creating risks of both fire and smoke. All fireplace chimneys are in direct contact with cold air on the exterior of the structure. Consequently, when the fireplace is not in use, cold air can fall down the chimney of the fireplace to cool off the fireplace chase. Therefore, the fireplace chase must be insulated to minimize the risk of cold air infiltration to the home. Even if the fireplace chase is adequately insulated, this cannot completely ensure that cold air infiltration into the structure will be eliminated. Cold air infiltration is a possibility with any fireplace or device that freely communicates with the air on the outside of the structure. Today’s homes are more energy-efficient and, therefore, better insulated and tightly constructed. Unfortunately, when air is removed from the house, as by a bathroom fan, or consumed by a furnace, additional air is needed to replace the air consumed. Unless the additional air is supplied, this can cause a negative pressure in the home. When this happens, the house will draw in outside air form the cracks in the windows, down the fireplace flue or other locations of air leakage in the home. Because cold air infiltration may be unavoidable in some structures, Martin Hearth & Heating is not responsible for heat loss or air infiltration through or around the fireplace. 3 _ 53D9028. Rev 1 03/03 Clearances Figure 1 RESIDENTIAL INSTALLATION MODEL LC CHIMNEY CAP ROOF FLASHING MODEL 612 15 FT=MIN. HEIGHT (NO OFFSETS) 15FT=MIN. HEIGHT (2 30' ELBOWS) 21 FT=MN. HEIGHT (4 30' ELBOWS) 86FT=MAX. HEIGHT (CHIMNEY SUPPORT EVERY 25 FT) STORM COLLAR FIRESTOP MODEL LF-FS-2 (REQUIRES 17x17 FRAMING) L12 (1' PIPE) L18 (11/2' PIPE) L36 (3' PIPE) L48 (4' PIPE) MAINTAIN 2" MIN. AIR SPACE BETWEEN CHIMNEY AND COMBUSTIBLES FIREPLACE MODEL SB5400SS FLEXIBLE DUCT TYPE FP-4-U COMBUSTION AIR ASSEMBLY CAUTION: DO NOT RESTRICT SIDE AIR INLET VENTS WITH SURROUND OR TRIM MATERIALS GALVANIZED METAL STRIP NAIL TO FRAMING MEMBERS _ 4 53D9028. Rev 1 03/03 Clearances OUTSIDE INSTALLATION SAMPLE INSTALLATION (FOR REFERENCE ONLY) Figure 2 8 FT MIN. 2" MINIMUM CLEARANCE TO COMBUSTIBLES (EITHER SIDE) USE ONLY NON-COMBUSTIBLE MATERIALS BELOW TOP OF SPACERS LCL TELESCOPING CHIMNEY CAP (1 REQUIRED) LCF FLAT FLASHING SHOWN (OR EQUIVALENT) L48 CHIMNEY SECTION (1 REQUIRED) EXTERIOR FINISH MATERIALS REMOVED FOR CLARITY METAL SAFETY STRIP (REQUIRED WHEN PLACED ON A COMBUSTIBLE FLOOR) H2068 HEARTH EXTENSION OR EQUIVALENT (1 REQUIRED) WHEN PLACED ON A COMBUSTIBLE FLOOR (REFER TO PG. 11) MANTEL INSTALLATION COMBUSTIBLE FRAMING MEMBERS TO TOP OF SPACERS USE ONLY NON-COMBUSTIBLE MATERIALS BELOW TOP OF SPACERS SIDE WALL INSTALLATION * APPLIES WHEN GLASS DOORS ARE INSTALLED COMBUSTIBLE MANTEL TOP EDGE OF FIREPLACE 18" MIN. FROM FIREPLACE OPENING TO BOTTOM OF COMBUSTIBLE MANTEL. (MANUFACTURER RECOMMENDATION) TOP EDGE OF FIREPLACE OPENING 5 53D9028. Rev 1 03/03 Clearances ...

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