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Инструкция по эксплуатации Kuhn Rikon, модель 3000 SERIES 3095

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4) FINISH LOADING WET FEEDS Any other wet feeds may be added at this time. 5) ADD WATER If ration includes water, add it last. Adding water at the beginning will cause the hay to bind. NOTE: Do Not overload mixer! Overloading causes excessive horsepower requirements, increased strain on driveline and poor mixer performance. 3000STOPR005810R082503 MIXER OPERATION Always refer to Operating Safety Precautions and Safety Decal sections of this manual before operating this mixer. FILL LEVEL Do not overload mixer! Overloading causes excessive horsepower requirements, increased strain on mixer driveline and poor mixer performance. The design of the Reel Auggie requires that there be adequate space to allow the feed to move in and around the Reel chamber. If the Reel is completely covered, it cannot efficiently mix the materials. The Reel Cross Tubes should always be visible at the top of their rotation to allow this mixing space. Do not exceed full line as shown in diagram. UNLOADING After the ration has been thoroughly mixed, open the mixer door to begin unloading. The discharge door opening determines the flow of feed from the mixer. The door must be opened far enough to prevent separation of materials. To stop the flow of feed, close the door, then shut off the mixer. OPTIONS: ELECTRIC DOOR CONTROL- This option allows the discharge door to be operated from a location away from the mixer, or when installation location requires remote door operation. ELECTRONIC SCALE Allows accurate ration weight while loading, also scale indicator can be located away from mixer if a more convenient location is preferred. Refer to the manufactures operator manual for your specific scale option operation and maintenance. HAY MAXX SYSTEM A bolt in option designed for the user who wants to add long stem hay more effectively to the ration. The Hay Maxx handles small and large square bales, broken-up round bales, frozen bunker silage and other bulky materials without over processing the KUHN KNIGHT INC. 1501 West 7th Ave. Brodhead, WI 53520-0167 701 Cherry Ave. Greeley, Co. 80632 3000STOPR005810R082503 INSPECTION & ADJUSTMENTS ALWAYS STOP MIXER AND LOCK OUT POWER BEFORE SERVICING, REPAIRING, OR CLEANING. IF WORK MUST BE PERFORMED INSIDE THE MIXER, STOP MIXER AND LOCK OUT POWER AND PUT A PROTECTIVE COVER OVER THE AUGER KNIVES TO AVOID INJURY. THE HOPPER FLOOR MAY BE SLIPPERY, AND THE REEL AND AUGERS WILL SPIN WHEN STEPPED ON. USE CAUTION WHEN STEPPING OR STANDING INSIDE THE UNIT. USE SAFE SHOP PROCEDURES AND EXERCISE CAUTION WHEN WORKING ON THIS MIXER! INSPECT AND ADJUST: Roller Chain Tighteners so they will apply sufficient spring tension to keep roller chains running smoothly (As a general rule the thickness of a nickel should fit between the spring coils). The chain will form grooves in the tightener blocks. These grooves help to keep the chains in proper alignment, and the blocks need not be turned unless the roller portion of the chain has worn into the block. Roller Ch...

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