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Инструкция по эксплуатации Kuhn Rikon, модель 3000 SERIES 3030

Производитель: Kuhn Rikon
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AUGER KNIVES The upper and lower auger knives are installed to help handle long materials such as long stem hay. If you do not intend to handle this type of material, the knives can be removed. REEL CROSS TUBES The Cross Tubes have two settings which can be utilized depending on the material being mixed. The Tubes are factory set in the outer position. In general, the inner setting is used for a high hay ration. To change to the inner position, compress and secure the tube into the spring, and relocate the capture bolt to the inner holes. The wiper tubes should not be moved. Repeat for all Tubes. DRIVELINE OVERLOAD SHEARBOLT MODELS: 3036, 3042, 3050, 3060, 3070, 3095 ONLY The driveline has a shearbolt assembly for overload protection. This shear bolt type overload protection needs very little maintenance. If the motor free spins during operation, the shear bolt has broken. Replace the sheared bolt with a new one of the same diameter, length and grade. Any bolt of different specifications than listed below will prevent the shearbolt assembly from operating properly and can cause damage to the mixer. MODEL SHEAR BOLT SIZE 3036 1/4” X 2” GRADE 5 3042 1/4” X 2” GRADE 5 3050 1/4” X 2” GRADE 5 3060 1/4” X 2” GRADE 5 3070 5/16” X 2” GRADE 5 3095 5/16” X 2” GRADE 5 3000STOPR005810R082503 MIXER SETUP IMPORTANT! READ BEFORE OPERATING MIXER. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OWNER TO MAKE SURE THE MIXER IS SET UP PROPERLY. THE FOLLOWING RECOMMENDATIONS SHOULD BE HELPFUL MIXER RUN-IN 1. Check for proper assembly, adjustment, and lubrication. Check to see that there is adequate oil in the oil bath, check to be sure all bolts and set screws are tight and the drive belts are at the proper tension. Review Operating Safety Precautions and Lubrication Instructions before operating the mixer. 2. Be sure all shields are properly in place. 3. Check for and remove any foreign objects in the mixer hopper and discharge opening. 4. Check to see that drain plugs are installed and that the door is closed. 5. Be sure no one is inside the mixer. 6. Test run the mixer. a. Make sure mixer is empty, then start the mixer. b. Run for at least five minutes. c. Raise and lower the door several times. d. Turn off mixer and lock out power. e. Check the mixer drive components to be sure they are not abnormally hot. Refer to Inspection and Adjustment section for proper alignment and tension settings. If any of these items are not running as indicated, immediately repair or contact your service representative. Always refer to Operating Safety Precautions before operating or servicing the mixer. KUHN KNIGHT INC. 1501 West 7th Ave. Brodhead, WI 53520-0167 701 Cherry Ave. Greeley, Co. 80632 3000STOPR005810R082503 MIXER OPERATION Always refer to Operating Safety Precautions and Safety Decal sections of this manual before operating this mixer. OPERATION GENERAL The Reel Auggie was designed for blending dairy and beef rations. Most commonly used ingredients, including limited amounts of dry ste...

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