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Инструкция по эксплуатации Astone Holdings Pty, модель Xinc AV Xinc AV Mini A/V Theater

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Features of Xinc AV 1) Images and video clips are supported by 260,000 color 2) Hi-speed USB 2.0 3) Rechargeable lithium polymer battery (Over 15 hours of playback time for music files) 4) Powerful and natural sound. Hi-fidelity audio output (25mW+25mW) 5) FM Tuner and Preset user-defined recording scheduler (Auto channel saving) 6) Voice recording via built-in and external microphone 7) Digital Rights Management (MS-DRM, X-Sync DRM) 8) Direct Encoding 9) Digital watch and alarm 10) 45 different languages are supported 11) SRS wow 3D effect. ( is a trademark of SRS Labs, Inc. SRS WOW technology is incorporated under license from SRS Labs, Inc.) 12) Easy-to-use and convenient Graphic User Interface (GUI) 13) Lyric display (Automatic and manual) 14) User’s EQ (5 Band) 4 Safety Instructions Do not shake or apply heavy shocks on the damaged. Avoid contacting the product with water. This may cause player gets wet, wipe with a soft towel or rag as soon as When using your headphones/earphones, do not wear earphones bicycle, or motorcycle. Not only it is dangerous but also it is illegal Listening to the player at large volume level for extended periods result Turn on the player before you plug in the USB port. To maintain good performance 5 Avoid high or cold temperature and moisture. Do not have other different thing in the product. Avoid placing the product under high moisture or dust level. Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature from heating device. Do not drop or cause impact upon the product. Do not use thinner, alcohol, or benzene when cleaning the product. Do not place any magnetic device near the product. Never disassemble, repair or rebuild. PC connecting cable Product introduction Xinc AVXinc AV Product introduction Xinc AVXinc AV Mechanical Parts Earphone CD USB Cable Neck Strap Encoding Cable USB Jack/Case Carrying Case Arm Band Manual USB Adaptor Optional Presentations of each part and its function Front Earphone Reset Hold Record A-B (Repeat) MODE(long) (short)Navigation (long)MENU EQ(short) Reset Button HOLD KEY Line-in Microphone Top Side Reward Down Recording/ A-B repeat/Return ON OFF/ Play Pause 6 Play/Power Up Forward USB Connection to your PC Power on Xinc AV, before connecting it to your can connect the player directly to the USB port into your player when it is connected to PC.) Xinc AV USB Jack/Case Cautions! Cautions for Windows 98 or Windows 98SE Users! When you are a user of either Windows 98 or Windows 98SE, you must install a required driver. If you fail to install it, your computer will not be able to recognize the player as an external USB drive. Users of Windows Me/2000/XP do not have to install drivers. - Put the supplied installation CD into the CD ROM drive. - Please visit our website at to download the drivers for Windows 98 or Windows 98SE. 7 Using the Main the Main Xinc AVXinc AV Using the Main Xinc AVXinc AV Recharge Connect Xinc AV to USB port of PC to charge You do not have to power the player on before connection. When the power off: It takes about 90 minutes to get When the power on: It takes about 3 hours to get the battery File Upload/Download Turn on the player and connect it to your PC usb port. Open Windows Explorer to select the newly-displayed portable disc file(Xinc . Make new folders in the portable disc to arrange music files. Any files including music can be copied or moved from PC to target folders in the You can also copy or move files without a folder to the root directory in the portable Disc Format After selecting Xinc AV portable disc, click the right mouse button and select ‘Format’ from displayed menu. Caution: Formating will erase all saved files. Do not forget to back up important files before formating the portable disc. 8 USB Disconnection from Before disconnection, DO NOT forget to double-which is seen at the right-bottom of your PC screen. the ‘Stop’ button for disconnection. A new dialogue box will be displayed, then click the ‘Yes’ button before portable disc from the PC. Caution: Unplugging without following the procedure above may cause a fatal error Xinc AV. Using Reset Button When the player would not power on or show any response, press the ‘Reset’ button. The player will be forcefully powered off. (Data in memory will be protected) Reset Button 9 Using Transcoder(Making Using Transcoder(Making Xinc AVXinc AV Using Transcoder(Making Xinc AVXinc AV TRANSCODER Transcoder will transform Xinc AV video clips Install transcoder program 1) Put program CD in the CD Rom Drive 2) Enter the ‘transcoder Folder’ 2. Press ‘Open’ button to open 3) Install the program by double-click on the setup file transformable video clips files. 1. PC System Requirements - PENTIUM 3 / WINDOWS 98/ME plus - DIRECTX 9.0 / WMV 9.0 plus - Integrated Codec must be installed in advance. 2. Eligible Formats - RAW, AVI, FORMAT/DIVX, FORMAT/MICROSOFT, WMV FORMAT 3. Install necessary codecs (3 codecs below must be installed) - Direct X : install 9.0 version or l...

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