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Инструкция по эксплуатации Sony, модель ZS-RS70BTB

Производитель: Sony
Размер: 516.62 kb
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Язык инструкции:en
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Фрагмент инструкции

enabling file transfers. Most USB devices Discs that this unit CANNOT play 20 Hz . 20,000 Hz +1/–2 dB support Mass Storage mode. automatically. .Keep away from metal objects or surfaces. Wow and flutter Press DISPLAY . repeatedly and the display .CD-R/CD-RW other than those recorded in .Replace all the batteries with new ones. .Make sure that the Bluetooth function is Below measurable limit To select a memory on the device for activated on the Bluetooth device (or changes as follows: audio CD format or formats conforming to ISO 9660 Level 1/Level 2 or Joliet Total programmed step number .Last playback or recording The unit enters standby mode smartphone). Bluetooth section .CD-R/CD-RW of poor recording quality, CD-R/ programmed track/file number and the total If the USB device has more than one memory (for unexpectedly. Communication System CD-RW with scratches or that is dirty, or CD-R/ playing time* example, an internal memory and a memory .This is not a malfunction. The unit enters The sound skips or the correspondence Bluetooth Specification Version 3.0 CD-RW recorded using an incompatible card), you can select which memory to use and standby mode automatically after about distance is short. Output * “--:--” appears for MP3/WMA discs and USB recording device then start playback or recording. Make sure to 15 minutes if there is no operation or audio Bluetooth Specification Power Class 2 .If a device that generates electromagnetic devices. .CD-R/CD-RW that is unfinalized or finalized select a memory before starting playback or signal output. See “To use the power-radiation, such as a wireless LAN, other Maximum communication range To cancel Program Play Bluetooth device(s), or a microwave oven is recording as you cannot select a memory during incorrectly management function.” Line of sight approx. 10 m*1 operation. Frequency band Press .. to stop playback, and then press nearby, move away if possible. Or use the Notes on discs * .. and VOLUME + . have a tactile dot. There is no sound. 2.4 GHz band (2.4000 GHz .2.4835 GHz) device and the unit away from such sources. MODE . repeatedly until “PGM” disappears from 1 Connect the USB device to the (USB) .Before playing, clean the CD with . Modulation method .Make sure the appropriate function is selected .Remove any obstacle between this unit and the display. a cleaning cloth. Wipe the CD FHSS port .. for the music or sound source you want to the device or move the device and the unit Supported Bluetooth Profiles*2 from the center out. If there are Playing tracks/files repeatedly listen to. To delete all tracks/files in the current 2 Press USB . to turn on the USB function. away from the obstacle. scratches, dirt or fingerprints on A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) AVRCP*3 (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) Using the display .Unplug the headphones when listening (Repeat Play) program 3 Press USB-MEMORY SELECT .until .Locate this unit and the device as close to each the CD, a tracking error may occur. through speakers. You can set the unit to repeatedly play CD-DA Stop playback, and then press ... “NO STEP” tracks on an audio CD, or MP3/WMA files on a appears and you can create a new program, “SELECT?” appears on the display. other as possible. Supported codec*4 .Do not use solvents such as benzine, thinner, commercially The sound is noisy. .Re-position this unit. SBC (Subband Codec) Checking MP3/WMA file information CD-R/CD-RW disc or on a USB device in normal following the procedure “Creating your own .Try using the Bluetooth device or smartphone *1 The actual range will vary depending on factors available cleaners or anti-static .Do not expose the CD to direct sunlight or heat 1 Press CD .or USB . to turn on the CD Press DISPLAY . repeatedly while playing .Is someone using a mobile phone or other and program play modes. program (Program Play).” in another position. such as obstacles between devices, magnetic fields around a microwave oven, static spray intended for vinyl LPs. equipment emitting radio waves near the unit? an MP3/WMA file on the disc/USB device. If so, move the unit and the Bluetooth device A connection cannot be established. electricity, reception sensitivity, aerial or USB function. sources such as hot air ducts, or leave it in a away from such devices. Devices such as performance, operating system, application software, etc. 4 Press ENTER .. Presetting radio stations .Depending on the device to be connected, it car parked in direct sunlight as there can be a mobile phones, etc., can affect Bluetooth may require some time to start 5 Press .or .. repeatedly to select considerable rise in temperature inside the car. communication. *2 Bluetooth standard profiles provide the communication. .Do not stick paper or a sticker on the CD, or specifications for Bluetooth communication You can store radio stations in the unit’s memory. a memory number. .Perform pairing again (See “Making a wireless between devices. scratch the surface of the C...

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