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Инструкция по эксплуатации Bosch, модель MB40IF(00)

Производитель: Bosch
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- When pain is present. - Anaesthetized areas. - Front of the neck. Diabetics should consult a doctor before using the appliance. INFRARED LIGHT This ligth penetrates deep into the skin, so that the blood vessels are dilated and the flow of blood is stimulated. Decomposition products are more quickly removed. THERAPEUTIC APPLICATIONS Infrared light can relieve the pain with reumatic affections, musclar pain, we recommend that you consult your doctor first. COSMETIC APPLICATION Creams ar other skin care agents are after better absorbed under influence on infrared light, and are therefore most effective because the pores in the skin will also be further opened. The infrared heat will also help to keep your skin healthy and clean, because of its stimulating effect on the blood circulation. HOW TO APPLY MASSAGE Try to relax your muscles when applying the massage. Gently slide the appliance along the zone to be treated, up and down for 6 to 8 minutes. In areas with little muscular mass use the slow speed so as not to damage vertebrac or tendons. The appliance can be used through your clothes, but it is more effective when applied directly on the body. INFRARED APPLICATION Hold the radiation head onto the surface of the skin, and gently slide, not to hold the head stationary on one spot for mores than five minutes. A 5-10 minutes application, three or four times per day is normally recommended. However, longer applications of up to 20 minutes are sometimes required. Allow a break of a least 45 minutes between application. Some redness is normal but stop the treatment if the skin becomes too red or if you feel any discomfort. The use of creams before can increase the effect of radiation and not is recommended without the advice of a doctor. Do not use the lamp on wet skin. When using the head near the eyes, close your eyes. MASSAGER INFRARED is ideal for health and beauty care, mainly for areas with little muscular mass. It has three operating positions. MASSAGE Turn the switch to position 1. Chose the accesory you wish. a) Massage for the skin of the face. b) Massage for the scalp. c) Anti-cellulitis massage. d) Muscular massage. bdca HEAT Before using the appliance in this position (2) check the temperature on the heat plate. The temperature can be controlled by periodically turning the switch on and off. HEAT WITH MASSAGE Turn the switch to position 3. It is more effective using no accesories. Use circular movements with the facial massage (fig. 1). It relaxes and tones your skin when it is applied after removing make-up and before moisturising. Do not touch your eyes or eyeslashes. Do not wet the sponge of the accesory while using it nor apply any heat. The massage will be more effective if the skin is kept tense. To massage the scalp (fig. 2), start at its base and move the appliance up and down the crown of the head. Apply the anti-cellulitis massage (fig. 3) in circular movements, stimulating the bood circulation and dissolving the fat and cellulite deposits. Daily muscular massage (fig. 4) relieves tension and stress, improving relaxation and well-being, as well as the relief from pains and discomfort. MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING Unplug the appliance before cleaning it. Clean it with a damp cloth, without abrasive detergents and do not immerse it in water. If it does not work correctly, do not try to repair it, call a Technical Assistance Service. ADVICE ON DISPOSAL: Our goods come in optimized packaging. This basically consists in non-contaminating materials which should be handed over to the local waste disposal service as secondary ra...

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