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Инструкция по эксплуатации Marcum Technologies, модель VX-1P

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Our goal is to set the industry standard for performance while maintaining the highest level of reliability. Please read this manual carefully before using your VX-1 system. Only by reading this manual can you realize the maximum benefit from your purchase — enjoy your new VX-1 sonar system! General Description The VX-1 multi color sonar unit utilizes three different colors within its display to differentiate between densities of objects. The Red light displays the strongest of return signals, often signifying a hard bottom or a larger fish that is often in the center of the transmit signal (cone). The Orange light displays the next in the line of weaker- signal returns, often signifying a softer bottom or smaller fish in the middle of the transmit signal or a larger fish on the outside of the transmit signal. The weakest return is displayed by a Green light and often signifies weeds, small bait-fish, medium-sized fish on the outside of the transmit signal, or a very soft bottom. The use of different colors in defining return signals is meant to be informative in indicating the size of fish, type of bottom or location of weeds. The interpretation of these signals improves with experience and use in the field. The VX-1 offers 12 levels of signal Interference Rejection (IR) from nearby competing units. This is most prevalent in ice-fishing applications where anglers utilizing sonar are often grouped together within small areas. The VX-1 can utilize any one of three different twenty- degree (cone angle) transducers. The puck-style transducer is often used for mounting on the bottom of trolling motors or for in-hull applications. The high-speed transducer is intended for outside the hull mounting on the transom of a boat and is designed for picking up depth or return signals at higher speeds. The ice transducer is a weighted, self-aligning transducer used for ice-fishing applications. The VX-1 runs off of any 12-volt power source and includes a power cord for wiring directly to the battery or into an electrical panel. The unit is mounted onto a factory- supplied gimbal bracket that can be in turn attached to a rotating swivel base (not supplied) or mounted directly to a boat deck, drivers console, portable electronics shuttle, or located in an electronics locker. The VX-1 is designed to withstand moisture from rain, sleet or snow. Ice System Set-Up Your VX-1 ice system requires some assembly prior to being ice ready. You will need to attach the sonar bracket to the ice shuttle, place the battery in the recessed tray, hook-up the positive and negative lead from the VX-1 power cord to the battery terminals, and route the transducer cable through the ice arm and connect to the back of the sonar unit. You will also need to place the unit in the enclosed softcase. The transducer is weighted and will self-align when suspended from the adjustable ice arm. When ice conditions dictate (thick ice) you may suspend the ice ducer near the bottom of the hole to minimize sonar reflections. This generally occurs later in the season and when ice thickens to 24 inches or greater. Open Water Set-Up The VX-1 is an excellent sonar unit for open-water use. To convert the VX-1 from an ice system to an open water unit, remove the VX-1 powerhead from the electronics shuttle. A new gimbal bracket is supplied with the open water transducer kit and can be mounted on any flat surface. The unit should be mounted in a location that is free from other electrical apparatus to eliminate interference. If interference is observed, reposition the unit until optimum performance is obtained. Your boat’s 12-volt DC electrical system can be used to power the unit. A power buss can be used, but interference may result. Interference is recognized as random flashes around the dial. Lowest noise will be obtained by direct connection to the battery. The VX-1 is protected from accidental polarity reversals. No damage will result from an incorrect battery hook-up. The ice-fishing transducer supplied with the Ice System is not designed for open-water use. There are two transducer choices for use in open water. The high- speed transducer is designed for transom mounting (outside the hull) and reads depth while the boat is on plane. The puck-style transducer is most often mounted on the bottom of a trolling motor or epoxied into the hull of a fiberglass boat. High-Speed Transducer Installation High-Speed transducers are designed to be mounted on the transom of a boat. If properly installed, you will be able to read depth, weeds, and fish while the boat is on plane. Transducer mounting location is critical for optimum performance of the VX-1 sonar unit. The mounting location should be free of any white water or turbulence resulting from rivets, ribs or hull strakes. It is preferable to mount the transducer at least 18 inches from the centerline of the boat to avoid turbulent water resulting from the outboard motor. The transducer is wedge-shaped and should be mo...

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