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Инструкция по эксплуатации ACR Electronics, модель Y1-03-0165

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The SM-2 has been designed and tested to pass the tough ANSI/UL 1196 and MSC.81(70) requirements. 3.2 Purpose This unit is a portable electronic floating strobe light which automatically rights itself and begins flashing when dropped into water. The SM-2 is designed to be carried aboard all vessels, as well as artificial islands and fixed structures. It is to be used as part of the required survival equipment complement. The light is used to mark a position in the water, particularly in a crew-overboard situation. It must be installed and used in conjunction with other equipment as required by U.S. Coast Guard Regulations. 3.3 Component Ratings Circuit design and component selection is such that component ratings cannot be exceeded when the unit is operated throughout the entire range of all environmental tests. The SM-2 uses circuit components and construction techniques, which have been manufactured to the specifications and requirements of various civilian and Governmental agencies. 3.4 Operation Instructions for operation and maintenance of the SM-2 are given on the instruction plate (see Figure 3). This unit does not possess any exterior operating controls. The circuit is electronically activated by a gravity switch when the unit is inverted. 3.5 Construction The SM-2 consists of a case with a battery, switch, electric circuit, flashlamp, globe, lanyard attachment flange, mounting bracket, and a buoyant, non-absorbent unicellular polyfoam, used as filler material. The case is made of high-impact plastic, International Orange in color, which is constructed to receive all components necessary to produce the required light output. No additional signaling devices are incorporated in the unit. The lens is designed to withstand all impact tests that are required in this application. The watertight integrity of the equipment is assured by O-Ring seals between surfaces. The unit's ability to withstand any anticipated external forces is assured by the combination of material strength and assembly methods. Ballast consists of a metallic weight permanently secured in the bottom of the case. The case and related compounds do not flow at temperatures below +85°C or crack at temperatures down to -34°C. 3.6 Lanyard The size, weight, and shape of the light are suitable for conveniently throwing overboard while attached to a life ring buoy by means of a lanyard. A hole is provided in the bottom flange of the case for lanyard attachment. 3.7 Mounting Bracket The mounting bracket is designed to hold the light in the inverted position and prevent free movement of the light when properly secured within the bracket. The bracket is made of a corrosion-resistant plastic and is arranged for mounting on a vertical surface. 3.8 Dimensional Stability The SM-2 is capable of undergoing specified temperature humidity cycles with no signs of shrinkage or distortion which might impair its serviceability or watertightness. Manual Footer 3.9 Stroboscopic Flashing Light The SM-2 Flashing Light uses a capacitor discharge xenon flashtube and meets the following requirements: A. A completely sealed solid state circuit converts power from the battery and supplies it to the flashtube. B. A suitable capacitor discharge xenon flashtube is provided which is compatible with the electronic flashing circuit and lens to provide the required light output. The service life of this flashtube is rated for over 1,000,000 flashes. C. The light will flash at a rate of 60 ± 1 flashes per minute with a minimum intensity of 2 cd for a minimum of 15 hours. Light from each flash is radiated in all directions of upper hemisphere. 3.10 Battery Connection All operating voltages are furnished by an integral battery pack. Operating voltage is 6.0 VDC. (Shipped without battery from factory) Electrical connections between the main circuit board and the associated battery are accomplished by the use of clearly marked terminals and color-coded lead wires. 3.11 Buoyancy The SM-2 is independently buoyant. A matter of balance Marker lights need to float upright for maximum visibility. The 6 volt lantern batteries provide the ballast for these lights. Although these batteries are the same size, their different chemistries cause them to have varying weights. It is imperative that only the 6 volt battery models suggested are used. Too little ballast and the light will lie over on its side and be ineffective; too much weight and the light could sink. If you have any doubts that you are using a battery of appropriate weight, test the light by placing it into shallow water. The results will be obvious; if the light floats upright, it's good. If the light sinks, the battery is too heavy. 3.12 Technical Data Pertinent technical data is listed below: ITEM CHARACTERISTICS Dimensions 13.65" (34.67 cm) length 4" (10.16 cm) diameter Weight 3 lbs, 4 oz. (1.474 Kg), including battery 1 lb, 13 oz. (.822 Kg), excluding battery Modules (1) Completely sealed electronics Flashing Rate 60 time...

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