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Инструкция по эксплуатации Loewe, модель CONNECT 37

Производитель: Loewe
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Daily operation Status display ....In normal TV mode, without other displays. END: Show/hide status display. For MHEG-5, INFO-button. .14:42 Alarm time 20:00 Sleep timer 23:00 1 Das Erste Dolby Digital . 2 14:30 15:15 Toskana Language-/sound selection You will see the number and name of the station and the title of the current broadcast (if available) and the sound identification in the top two lines. A selection (see right hand column), the time and, if activated, the alarm time and switch-off time appear at the bottom depending on the DVB station. Explanations of the sound identification: Transmitted audio signal: Mono Mono audio transmission analogue 2-sound Two sound broadcast (Sound1/Sound2) analogue Stereo Stereo sound transmission analogue or digital (PCM) Dolby Digital Dolby Digital sound transmission (DD) dts dts sound transmission MPEG MPEG sound transmission ProLogicII Dolby Pro Logic II sound transmission Used loudspeakers: .2 Playback via TV loudspeakers (L/R Stereo). Additional selection possibilities for DVB stations In the status display additional selection possibilities can be offered for specific programmes depending on the DVB programme provider. ......The coloured buttons do not work as described below for TV sets with MHEG-5 software, but they operate as described on page 33 (Digital teletext). ......If you press one of the coloured buttons or the TEXT button while the status display is on, the appropriate selection menu is displayed. ......The selection line is also displayed automatically when a new broadcast with different options to the previous broadcast begins or when you switch stations. The following options are possible: Red button: Channel selection for multi-channel providers Green button: Language/audio selection Yellow button:Time selection Blue button: Protection of minors TEXT: DVB subtitles The selection menus are only available as long as the status display is shown. However, you can call them again by pressing the END button. Other setting options for DVB stations You can make general presettings for DVB stations under TV menu > Settings >Miscellaneous MiscellaneousMiscellaneous >DVB settings DVB settings. Subtitle Here you can preset whether a subtitle is always to be mode displayed as soon as it is offered by the station. A special subtitle for impaired hearing can also be selected. Subtitles are not offered by all stations. Many stations only broadcast subtitles by teletext. Audio Here you can preset whether you always want to hear a mode special sound for impaired sight as soon as it is offered by the station. DVB character Select the DVB character set so that the title of the broad- set cast of your favourite received station or the texts of your CA module are displayed correctly. 23 Managing stations Explanations of some search settings: TV stations Various options for managing stations are available via the TV menu. For example the description for TV stations. For radio stations the same applies, except that the Radio menu is called in Radio mode (see also page 36). ......Station management is not possible if a programmed timer recording is still pending. Search/update stations – Search wizard In the search/update with the search wizard, new stations are searched for which have not yet been stored. ......You have to repeat the initial installation (see page 12) and automatically search for new ones if you want to delete all the existing stations and automatically search for new ones. Do also use the first installation if you want to change to receiving MHEG-5 stations (attend restrictions for DVB software update, see page 35). Call TV menu. ....Select Settings, .. go to the menu line below. ....Select Stations, .. go to the menu line below. ....Select Search wizard, .. go to the menu line below. In the upper info text the current search settings will now be displayed: Start search/updateChange search settings Search wizard TV menu Settings Stations Search wizard Your TV carries out the update of the station range (search for new stations; delete stations no longer broadcast) with the following settings: Location of TV set United Kingdom Signal source DVB-T END OK If you want to change these search settings: ....Select Change search settings, OK wizard prompts search settings. If you agree with these settings: ....Select Start search/update, OK start search. Red button: Abort current search/update. Set location Select the country for country-specific defaults and station sorting. Signal source Here select antenna, cable, or satellite, depending on where you want to search for new stations. Here you can also call a configuration of the DVB-T and DVB-S antennae with the green button (see page 13). Antenna/cable: TV/colour standard With selection of set location the conventional TV standard/colour standard is the default. This should only be changed if stations with other standards are to be searched. Encrypted stations You can state whether coded stations are to b...

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