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Инструкция по эксплуатации Loewe, модель CONNECT 32

Производитель: Loewe
Размер: 1.82 mb
Название файла: 4302073c-a200-4eab-853a-51ec929a1a1f.pdf
Язык инструкции:en
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......The file names must have the extension “.mp3”. Alternative specifications such as MP3 Surround or similar are not supported. Plug a card reader (with a USB cable) or a USB stick into the USB port on the TV set (see page 5 and 6). Starting the MusicBox Call Assist+ menu. ....Mark MusicBox, OK continue. If there is only one memory medium the MusicBox is started with the MusicBox list (see right column). If several media are available select with .... memory medium and then with,, OK start MusicBox. Ending the MusicBox Remove used memory medium. Or: Press END button (while status window is displayed) Or: Press TV or RADIO button. Or: Press the Assist button and call another function in the Assist+ menu. ......If the MusicBox is ended during playback the MusicBox remembers the appropriate place in the title. If the TV set is not switched off or the memory medium removed in the meantime, the playback continues at this point the next time the MusicBox is called. The MusicBox then starts immediately on the MusicBox status window (see right column). Select/play music After starting the MusicBox the content of the memory medium, the MusicBox list, is displayed. .... Mark folder, scroll with P+/P- if necessary, OK open selected folder. You see the music files (titles) and/or sub-folders in the opened folder. One folder level back: ... select and press OK. END INFOMENU OK OKMusicBox Files Backup MP3 Photo Video USB 1:\ Open folder Play lists Browse/sort ....Mark title, scroll with P+/P- if necessary, OK play marked title. Then the MusicBox status window opens with information about the played title. ......If the file contains additional information (ID3 tags), the title, singer, album title etc. are displayed. END INFOMENU OK P+ P OKMusicBox Files .. Title_01.mp3 Title_02.mp3 Title_03.mp3 Title_04.mp3 Title_05.mp3 Title_06.mp3 Title_07.mp3 Title_08.mp3 Title_09.mp3 Title_10.mp3 Title_11.mp3 USB 1:\MP3 play back Page .... Play lists Browse/sort END MENU OK INFOVolume 30 „Chasing Cars“ Stereo .2 Artist: Snow Patrol Album: Eyes Open Playtime: 1:23 / 4:28 Screen off/onMusicBox list Detail off MusicBox . -48 Operating additional equipment Functions of the control buttons .. Title is played. STOP button: once: resume stop, twice: stop. Play button: After resume stop: continue playing at place where playback was interrupted. After stop: start playing the first title according to the set sorting. For playback: start the current title from the beginning. For pause: Continue playback. Pause button: pause / continue playback. .. short: next title, long: wind. .. short: previous title, long: rewind. Settings in the MusicBox status window Red button: Switch off TV screen. Press red button, INFO or OK to switch back on. Reduce info window to one line / maximise again. OK show MusicBox list. MusicBox – browse/sort You can browse or sort the contents of your memory medium with the coloured buttons according to certain criteria (file names, titles, artists, albums). ....The MusicBox list is displayed. Blue button: call Browse/sort. The MusicBox overview is sorted according to Files at the beginning. The sorting is based on the file names of the music files regardless of their ID3 tags. Select file/folder and play/open with OK. INFO„Chasing Cars“ Stereo .2 MusicBox . Track_04.mp3 Track_05.mp3 Track_06.mp3 Track_07.mp3 Track_08.mp3 Track_09.mp3 Track_10.mp3 USB 1:\MP3 OKMENU END INFOAll Titles All AlbumsArtists OK play back Page ....P+ P Sort according to artists Green button: show Artists. All music titles are sorted alphabetically according to artists (ID3 tags). OKa z- OK TEXT Savatage Sido Sinatra Frank Starship Steel Pulse System Of A Down Texas Lightning Thin Lizzy MENU END INFOAll Titles All Albums Files Select letter Albums by ... Titles by ... Page ....P+ P Mark artist, scroll with P+/P-if necessary or enter the initial letter with numeric buttons like a mobile phone keypad (see page 15). OK Albums by ... call artist. The albums of the selected artist are displayed sorted alphabetically. .... Mark album and select with OK. .... Select title in album and play with OK in MusicBox status window. TEXT: Titles by ... call artist. The titles of the selected artist are displayed sorted alphabetically. .... Select title and play with OK in MusicBox status window. Sorting according to titles Yellow button: Show All Titles. All available titles are sorted alphabetically by ID3 tags and displayed with the appropriate artist. .... Select title and play with OK in MusicBox status window. Sorting according to albums Blue button: Show All Albums. All available albums are sorted alphabetically by ID3 tags and displayed with the appropriate artist. .... Mark album and select with OK. ....Select title in album and play with OK in MusicBox status window. Sorting according to files Red button: Show file overview. Exit sorting Exit search/sorting. The new sorting is retained in the MusicBox list. 49 Operating additional equipment MusicBox – P...

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