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Инструкция по эксплуатации Summer Infant, модель 7240

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For Technical Support Call 1-800-268-6257 or E-Mail at customerservlce@summerlnfant.com For use with children from birth and up. INSTRUCTION MANUAL_ CErilDE SURROUND GATE Thank you for buying the Secure Surround Gate. This 6 panel gate helps you create an extra-large play area for your child at home or on the go. It is light weight, conveniently portable and easy to set up and disassemble. The door panel with handle allows you to quickly and easily get to your child and the extra-tall panels provide additional security. Take the Secure Surround Gate with you to the park, beach or on vacation to provide your little ones or even your pet with a secure play area. AWARNING: • To prevent serious injury or death, securely install gate or enclosure and use according to manufacturer’s instructions. • Never use with a child able to climb over or dislodge the gate or enclosure. • Never leave child unattended. • Use only with the lock securely engaged. • To prevent falls, never use at the top of stairs. • Do not use if any components are missing or damaged. • This product will not necessarily prevent all accidents. Proper adult supervision is required at all times. • Adult assembly is required. Exercise care when unpacking and assembling the product. • Do not use this product if your child can lift or push the enclosure to an unsafe area. • Do not use near stoves or heaters. • Do not use on uneven surfaces. FEATURE & COMPONENTS: Panels (6 - assembled) Door Panel Handle with two buttons to open (pre-assembled to gate) Panel Adjustment Knobs (5 - pre-assembled to gate) Travel Strap SIX PANEL GATE SETUP: Step t: To set up a 6 panel play area, unfold the gate panels to create a hexagon shape (Figure A). Be sure Summer Logo is facing outward. Step 2: Connect door panel to end panel by placing bottom of door panel hinge into bottom of end panel (Figure B). Step 3: Lift handle on top of door panel up and snap down into top hinge of end panel until you hear an audible click (Figure C). Step 4: Tighten all 5 adjustment knobs clockwise on top of each gate panel (Figure D). 2 TO OPEN DOOR PANEL: Step 1: Squeeze 2 buttons on handle and lift up. (Figure E). Step 2: Lift door panel up to disengage lower hinge from adjacent end panel and swing entire panel open (Figure F). FOUR PANEL GATE SETUP: Important: Do not remove panels connected to door panel. Note: Loosen adjustment knobs on panels being removed. Step 1: Place hand next to loosened adjustment knob. Apply downward pressure and flex panel to disengage top hinge. Pull up to disengage bottom hinge. Repeat to remove other panel. Step 2: Connect panels by following same technique in Step 1 above. Step 3: Tighten all adjustments knobs by repeating Step 4 in the "Six Panel Gate Setup" Section. EIGHT PANEL GATE SETUP: Step 1: To add additional panels to gate, contact our Customer Service Department to order #07270 - 2 additional gate panels. Step 2: Attach panels to main gate by repeating Steps 1, 2 and 3 in similar method to "Four Panel Gate Setup" Section. 3 MAINTENANCE: 1. Regularly check hinge knobs to make sure the gate is securely in place. 2. Do not use the gate if any components are damaged or missing. 3. Wipe surface with a damp cloth or sponge using mild detergent and warm water. STORAGE Step 1: Your Gate is designed to fold compactly. However, it must be folded in sequence. Before folding gate, loosen adjustment knobs. Start at one panel, fold to next panel making sure that you fold it in the correct direction (Figure I). Step 2: Use the provided travel strap to wrap around folded panels. Snap travel strap into place to secure folded gate panels (Figure J). We at Summer Infant stand behind all of our products. If you are not completely satisfied or have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-268-6237 or e-mail us at customerservice@summerinfant.com. Summer Infant, Inc. 582 Great Road PO Box 829 Slatersville, Rl 02876-0899 USA 1-800-268-6237 Summer Infant Europe, LTD. 20 Sparrows Herne Bushey, Hertfordshire WD23 1FXUK 44 (0)20 8420 4429 © 2005 Summer Infant, Inc. Colors and styles may vary. MADE IN USA. Please retain information for future reference. 4 01/06...

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