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Then remove the panel by pulling gently from the top. Install three fresh, alkaline AAA batteries, making sure to follow the diagram in each battery slot so that the polarity (+ or -) of the batteries is correct. Replace the battery compartment panel. Play a Game Right Away After you have installed the batteries, the display will show the backgammon board with all the pips (pieces) on their starting triangles (see figure on right). The LCD will also show SidE SidESidE. This indicates you are at the first move of the game and ready to roll the dice to see who goes first. If it doesn't display SidE SidESidE, use a thin object to press RESET. Deciding Who Goes First Press the central direction button diaganolly down to the left or right. This activates the ROLL key. You will see the dice roll, then stop. If the die on the left is less than the die on the right, LCD Backgammon will go first and play it’s move. If the die on the left is larger, you move first so the display will show PLAy PLAyPLAy. If doubles (the same value dice) are rolled, the display will show dOUb dOUbdOUb, which means the stakes for the game can be doubled. You may accept the double or decline it by pressing the ACCEPT or decline DECLINE keys. After the computer’s move or after your move, the display will show rOLL rOLLrOLL, press a ROLL key to roll the dice. Making Your First Move The way you select and make your move is very simple. You always have WHITE. • Press on the SELECT key to choose the pip you want to move. An arrow will point to the pip if it can be legally moved. • To play the die on the left, press the central direction button diaganolly up to the left. This activates the LEFT key. • To play the die on the right, press the central direction button diaganolly up to the right. This activates the RIGHT key. Special Messages During the game the following messages may appear on the display: PASS PASSPASS - This means you or the computer cannot use the dice or remaining die to make a legal move. Press either ROLL key to continue play. rOLL rOLLrOLL - Press either ROLL key to roll the dice. dOUb dOUbdOUb - This means the computer wants to double the stakes, because it thinks it is winning. To accept the double, press the ACCEPT key. To decline the double press the DECLINE key, BUT this means the computer wins, so the game will end. LOSE LOSELOSE - Shows that the game is over, and that you have lost. Press any key to continue. _YOU Won _YOU Won_YOU Won - Shows that the game is over, and that you have won. Press any key to continue. Special Features and Function Keys Features are controlled by the function keys—the black keys on your LCD Backgammon. But there are more special features than there are keys! So each one has two labels, one above and one below. The black label below each key shows the primary function of the key. The gray label above the key shows its secondary function. Below are the features available to you through the primary functions. Remember, to access any of these features, you simply push the proper key, looking at the black label below the key. Primary Key Functions MODE/ON KEY This is a special key, so both its upper and lower labels are gray. Use this key to turn on LCD Backgammon. Also use it to select the secondary function mode of the other keys. You can even use it as a clear or "escape" key to exit any of the special modes like OPTIONS, LEVEL, and CONTRAST. HINT KEY Press this key if you want to get hints from your LCD Backgammon partner. It shows an arrow to the pip it thinks is the best one to move. It shows another arrow pointing to the triangle to which it should be moved. If you must move in from the bar, it will show an arrow to your best entry triangle. To make the hint move, just press the ACCEPT key. SCORE KEY • Before a game begins, press this key to see your winnings, rating, and other statistics (see “Rating and Scoring” section). • During the game, press this key to see your pip score. This is the total of all dice you need to roll in order to win the game. Press this key a second time to see the computer’s pip score. SELECT KEY Press this key to select which pip you would like to move. It will only point to pips that can be legally moved. DOUBLE KEY Press this key if you think you are winning and want to double the stakes. You can only double if no one has the cube, or you have the cube. You have the cube when a WHITE cube and it’s value is shown on the screen. You may only dou 2 Your Excalibur LCD Backgammon is packed with features! Each key has two labels. To activate the feature named below the key, just press the button. To enjoy the feature given above the key, first press MODE/ON and then the button. ble before you roll the dice for your turn. TAKEBACK KEY This key lets you take back a move or moves you’ve decided against, BEFORE you have pressed the ROLL key. Pressing the ROLL key enters your move, so the computer can roll the dice for it’s move. OFF KEY This turns the unit off, auto...

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