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Инструкция по эксплуатации Kidco, модель HearthGate G70d

Производитель: Kidco
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Pour les foyers de cheminee de 1,8 m de large et 60 cm de profondeur. Sections de 20,3 cm (G70-8) et 60 cm (G70-24) disponibles en option pour des longueurs plus importantes. Para chimeneas de 6’ de ancho por 2’ de profundidad Seccion opcional de 8" (G70-8) o seccion opcional de 24" (G70-24) disponibles para areas mas grandes. Bl. 3001-797 • G70d-0612 Parts Check List Liste de controle des pieces Lista de verificacion de piezas Parts Check List Liste de controle des pieces Lista de verificacion de piezas Standard HearthGate™ has five 24” sections including a walk through door. Le modele HearthGate™ standard comporte cinq sections de 61 cm et une portei. La reja estandar HearthGate™ tiene cinco secciones de 24" y una puerta de acceso. 8 Wood Screws (e) 8 vis a bois (e) 8 tornillos para madera 2 Lower Bar Bracket Screws (f) 2 vis de support de barre inferieur (f) 2 tornillos para los soportes de barra inferiores (f) 2 Lower Bar Bracket Nuts (g) 2 ecrous de support de barre superieur (g) 2 tuercas para los soportes de barra inferiores (g) 2 Upper Bar Brackets (a) 2 supports de barre superieurs (a) 2 soportes de barra superiores (a) 2 Plastic Hinge Covers (h) (shipped assembled on top of bottom hinge of end sections) 2 Cache-charnieres en plastique (h) (expedies assembles en haut de la charniere inferieure des sections terminales) 2 Cubiertas de plastico para las bisagras (h) (se envian montadas en la parte superior de la bisagra inferior de las secciones terminales) 2 Lower Bar Brackets (b) 2 Supports de barre inferieurs (b) 2 Soportes de barra inferiores (b) 2 Plastic Hinge Caps (i) (shipped assembled on top of cone hinge of end sections) 2 Capuchons de charniere en plastique (i) (expedies assembles en haut de la charniere conique des sections terminales) 2 Tapas de plastico para las bisagras (i) (se envian montadas en la parte superior de la bisagra del cono de las secciones terminales) 2 Lower Bar Slides (c) 2 Glissieres de barre inferieures 2 Correderas de barra inferiores 2 Removable Cones (j) (use only when a section is removed and always place under top hinge of gate) 2 Cones amovibles (j) (utiliser uniquement lorsqu’une section est retiree – et toujours placer sous la charniere superieure de la barriere) 2 Conos desprendibles (j) (uselos solo cuando se quite una seccion, y siempre coloquelos debajo de la bisagra superior de la reja) 4 Wall Plates (d) 4 Plaques murales (d) 4 Placas para la pared (d) Important Notes ENG IMPORTANT KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE • Please take a few minutes to read the instructions thoroughly. Failure to do so may result in damage to the gate or in worst case injury to your child. • When unpacking the gate, carefully check all parts. Do not use this gate if parts are broken or missing. • When installed as instructed, between two clean structurally sound surfaces, this gate conforms to: ASTM F-1004-07 United States Standards EN 1930:2000 European Standards This gate is designed for children from 6 months to 24 months. Since each child’s skills develop at different ages, these age parameters should be monitored against your child’s own development. WARNING ! • Intended for use with children from 6 months through 24 months. • Check the stability of the gate and tighten all hardware and mountings regularly. • To prevent serious injury or death, securely install gate or enclosure and use according to manufacturer’s instructions. • Never use with a child able to climb over or dislodge/open the gate or enclosure. • Do not use if any part of gate is broken or missing. • Never use if gate is less than 3/4 of child’s height. • Discontinue use if any part of gate is damaged. • This product will not necessarily prevent all accidents. Never leave child unattended. • Use only spare parts available from KidCo. • Never allow child to climb or swing on gate. • Use only with the locking/latching mechanism securely engaged. • Closely supervise child when gate is installed at the top of stairs. • Never climb over the gate. • Never hang or tie toys etc. to any part of the gate. Maintenance • No part of the gate requires lubrication. • Do not use abrasive cleaners or bleach. • Clean using warm soapy water, or a damp cloth. Unpacking 1. Unpack your folded HearthGate™ on a stable surface, making sure handle is on top. Each corner is connected by plastic, interlocking hinges. 2. Adjusting the sections: A spring is fitted in all cones which deliberately creates tension when adjusting. At corner, lift up slightly on section with hinge teeth facing down (2.1) while gently pressing down on connected section (2.2). Rotate sections to desired position (2.3). Release to lock into place. Note: Each hinge adjusts from 0° to 270° in 10° increments. 3. See illustration on page 18. 4. Position HearthGate to desired shape, taking into account recommended 20” minimum distance described in “Important Information” on page 3. It may be necessary to remove or add section/s to gate to fit your application. If making no ch...

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