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Инструкция по эксплуатации Black Box, модель 645 DSP

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• Both feature a sleek and stylish chrome carrying case that fits in your pocket. • Discreet, in-the-ear design. OVERVIEW These Plantronics ® Discovery ™ Bluetooth Headsets the latest wireless technology convenient hands-free Using Bluetooth technology, you can roam up to 33 feet (10 m) from Bluetooth devices, phones, that support headsets Ultralight and ultracomfortable, just a third of an ounce, fit discreetly and include three sizes of soft gel ear tips for a personalized For even more convenience, you can use phone charger to recharge the headset. The time from a charge depends on the model you The Discovery 640 provides up to five hours of talk time charges; the Discovery 645 DSP provides up to three of talk time. Both models come with four charging adapters that work with most phone chargers, eliminating the need for a separate charging cable. An AC adapter is also included. What’s more, each headset system includes an innovative charging system that uses a AAA battery charger to extend talk time up to 15 hours for the Discovery 640 and up to 9 hours for the Discovery 645 DSP. This way, your phone is ready when you are. TECH SPECS Bluetooth Version — Discovery 640: Bluetooth 1.2; Discovery 645 DSP: Bluetooth 2.0 Headset Wearing Type — In-the-ear Range (Maximum) — 33 ft. (10 m) Standby Time (Maximum) — Discovery 640: 70 hours; Discovery 645 DSP: 80 hours Talk Time (Maximum) — Discovery 640: 5 hours; 15 hours with AAA charger; Discovery 645 DSP: 3 hours; 9 hours with AAA charger User Controls — Volume, mute, last number redial, voice-activated dialing, pocket vibration Power — AAA lithium ion battery and 100– 240-VAC, 50– 60-Hz adapter Weight — Headset: <0.1 lb. (<0.1 kg) Plan to use the headset call center, or other noisy environment? 645 version. For optimal it features built-in digital signal processing (reduces transmitted background be heard clearly by your caller. Both the 640 and 645 feature a one-button and support last number redial, activated dialing so you can place calls you’re on the go. The headsets also support technology, which means you can connect simultaneously with two different Bluetooth audio devices and have calls received on either device ring through to the headset. With each headset, you also get an ear stabilizer for more secure fit and a stylish, chrome pocket case that provides convenient and secure storage for the headset and vibrates to alert you to incoming calls. NOTE: Last number redial and voice-activated dialing must be supported by your device or cellular provider. WHAT‘S INCLUDED . (1) headset . (4) charging adapters . (1) carrying pocket . (3) soft gel ear tips . (1) AAA battery charger . (1) ear stabilizer . (1) AC adapter 724-746-5500 blackbox.com 2of 3 #26725 3 of 3 7/12/2007 #26725 724-746-5500 blackbox.com 68400-01 Bluetooth. If you use low-power link phones, computers, distances, it’s likely those devices use Bluetooth Bluetooth, named for a Danish 1000 years ago, is a technology wireless networking of personal devices wireless headsets, mobile phones, and devices generally communicate at speeds and are divided into three power classes. Class I Bluetooth devices are considered long-range They have a range of up to 100 meters (328 ft.) maximum power output of 20 dBm. Class II Bluetooth devices have a standard range of up to 10 meters (32.8 ft.) and Class III Bluetooth devices are definitely range communication, with (3.9 in.) and a maximum power Bluetooth networks feature a dynamic piconet or PAN. These networks contain a minimum a maximum of eight Bluetooth peer devices that are part of Bluetooth standard. The standard is version 2.0, and it’s actually the specification’s third version, following its 1.1 and 1.2 incarnations. Although the Bluetooth standard uses the same range as 802.11b and 802.11g, it’s much slower than Wi-Fi, more limited in range, and supports fewer devices. Technically Speaking Recognize any of these situations? • You wait more than 30 minutes to get through to a vendor’s tech support. • The so-called “tech” can’t help you or gives you the wrong answer. • You don’t have a purchase order number and the...

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