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Инструкция по эксплуатации GE Monogram, модель ZDW24 WW

Производитель: GE Monogram
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A. Stainless tubular handle B. 2 Handle standoffs C. 3 Screws for mounting handle standoffs F. (2 required, 1 extra) D. 3 Set screws (2 required, 1 extra) E. 3/32" Allen wrench for set screws F. 4 U-Clips H. G. 4 Leveling legs H. GE Monogram nameplate A. I. 8 Plug buttons J. Hinge Shims I. K. 2 Screws for light trigger hole E. G. CAUTION: Small objects are a choke hazard to children. Remove and discard any parts not used. PRUDENCE – Les petits objets peuvent etrangler les enfants. Il faut jeter toutes les pieces qui ne sont pas utilisees. J. K Note: Consider door swing direction. If you wish to change door swing, complete the instructions shown on page 5 before installing the handle. • Place handle standoff against the top screw hole in the door. Position the standoff so that the small screw hole points toward the floor. • Drive screw through the standoff and into the door. Do not tighten. • Install bottom standoff. Do not tighten. • Place handle to standoffs so that handle mounting posts are inserted into the standoffs. The handle should fit into the curved shape of the standoff. Again, the set screw hole should be pointing downwards. • Remove the handle and tighten standoffs to door. • Place handle to standoffs and install set screws through the bottom of standoffs using the allen wrench provided. • The handle should be tight against the standoff. • Save the allen wrench for future use. Screw Allen Wrench Installation Beverage Center & Wine Chiller Step 3 Install Leveling Legs • Tilt the unit slightly to one side to access the bottom corner holes. • Install a U-Clip into the front and rear holes on the bottom as shown. CAUTION: See illustration. Be sure the tangs on the clips are on the outside and the straight portion is inserted into the holes. • Screw the leveling legs into the U-clips all the way until snug. Then, adjust the leveling legs to installation height. • Follow the same procedure for the opposite side. A. B. C. D. Step 4 Slide the Unit into the Cutout • Move the beverage center/wine chiller close to the opening. • Connect the power cord plug to the properly grounded receptacle. • Slide the unit into the opening. CheckkistSunkistCheckMonogram Template Beverage Center & Wine Chiller Template For Nameplate Location To be used when door swing has been reversed, with handle on right side, hinge on left side. Top of Name Plate Top of Glass Door Door Frame Side P/N 41005263 Upper LeftCorner ofGlass DOORNAME PLATELOCATION To position new nameplate: • Remove the original nameplate, now located on the bottom of the door. • Cut template along dotted line. • Hold or tape template behind glass door in the upper left corner so that it is visible from the front side. • Remove backing from Monogram nameplate. • Place nameplate onto front side of door, matching illustration on template. Cut on Dotted Line Upper Left Top of Glass Door Corner of Top of Name Plate Door Frame Side Glass DOOR NAME PLATE LOCATION NOTE: While performing installations described in this book, safety glasses or goggles should be worn. For Monogram local service in your area, call 1-800-444-1845. NOTE: Product improvement is a continuing endeavor at General Electric. Therefore, materials, appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice. (N.D. 204) 6/01 Monogram.® Pub. No. 49-60148 Part No. 197D4432P001 41006773 Rev. A Gen...

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