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Инструкция по эксплуатации Kenmore, модель 625.348460

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On some water supplies, the water softener may need periodic disinfecting. Sanitize either with or without salt in the storage tank. 8 SECTION 1 WATER SOFTENER START-UP —i IE FILL THE STORAGE TANK WITH SALT Brine (salt dissolved in water) is needed for each and every regeneration. The water for making brine is metered into the salt storage tank by the softener. However, you must keep the tank filled with salt. Fill the tank with NUGGET or PELLET water softener salt. DO NOT use rock salts, as they have dirt and sediments that will stop the softener from working. Before filling, be sure the brinewell cover is in place on the top of the brinewell. Salt storage capacity is shown on page 18. NOTE: In humid areas, it is best to fill the storage tank half-full, and to refill it more often. Salt bridging (see page 14) occurs more often when conditions are humid. FIG. 3 ADD SALT WATER SOFTENING SALT WITH IRON REMOVING ADDITIVES — Some salts have an additive to help the softener handle iron in the water supply. Although this additive may help to keep the softener resin clean, it may also release corrosive fumes that will weaken and shorten the life of some softener parts. SODIUM INFORMATION: Water softeners using sodium chloride for regeneration add sodium to the water. Persons who are on sodium restricted diets should consider the added sodium as part of their overall sodium intake. For example, if your water supply is 15 grains hard, you would have to drink 3 quarts of softened water to consume 335 milligrams of sodium. That is equivalent to eating 2-1/2 slices of white bread. Persons who are concerned about their drinking water should consider a Sears Drinking Water System that will remove or reduce in excess of 90% of the sodium and other drinking water contaminants. YOU HAVE NOW FINISHED THE WATER SOFTENER START-UP. AFTER THE SANITIZING RECHARGE, ON PAGE 8, THE SOFTENER WILL BE GIVING YOU SOFT WATER. 9 SECTION 2 HOW YOUR WATER SOFTENER WORKS -1 2A. FACE PLATE TIMER FEATURES EXTRA RECHARGE Sometimes, a manually started regeneration (recharge) may be desired, or needed. Two examples are: — You have used more water than usual (guests visiting) and you may run out of soft water before the next timer started regeneration. — You did not refill the softener with salt before it was gone. You can start a regeneration right away, or you can set the timer to regenerate at the next 2:00 AM (or other preset recharge time). Do the following. RECHARGE NOW ■ Press the ON/OFF-HOLD button and hold for 3 seconds. The softener enters the fill cycle of regeneration right away. . .the display shows ‘‘FillinG NOW”. This regeneration will last for about 40 minutes. Then, you will have soft water again. RECHARGE TONIGHT ■ Press and release (DO NOT HOLD) the ON/OFF-HOLD button. RECHARGE TONIGHT flashes in the display, and the softener begins regeneration at the next preset recharge time. Press and release the On/OFF-HOLD button once more if you decide to cancel the regeneration, and RECHARGE TONIGHT. F,l I 1111 NOW 1 3-

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