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Инструкция по эксплуатации Atwood Mobile Products, модель 10-E

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Turn the switch located on the spark module to the ON position. 2. Read PILOT OPERATION instructions. 3. For complete shut down, turn lighting control knob on thermostat and spark module switch to the OFF position. Read MAINTENANCE AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS GAS/ELECTRIC COMBINATION FUNCTION GAS OPERATION. When the gas switch is turned on, the unit will make three attempts to light. If for any reason there is no ignition, the unit will lockout and the red lockout lamp will illuminate. If the thermostat fails, the ECO will also lockout the unit, requiring resetting. Determine the reason for no ignition, correct it, and reset the gas ignition sequence by turning the switch off, then on. ELECTRIC OPERATION. When the electric switch is turned on, the relay at the rear of the unit will close and pass 110vac to the element. If the thermostat were to fail, the ECO will open and lockout the system. To correct, check the thermostat to assure good contact with the tank and reset the control by turning the electric switch off, then on. GAS/ELECTRIC OPERATION. The unit can be run in both gas and electric modes simultaneously for quick recovery. note: if the gas fails to ignite, the gas mode will lockout, but the lockout lamp will not illuminate since the electric mode is still operational. Should you notice slow recovery, indicating the gas is not working, turn the electric switch off. The lamp will then illuminate indicating a lockout has occurred on the gas side. Correct the problem and turn the switches back on. Read MAINTENANCE AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS. MAINTENANCE AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS SERVICE CALLS & QUESTIONS Location and phone numbers of qualified Service Centers can be found at our website http:/or call 574-262-2655 to have a Service Center List mailed. WARNING FIRE OR EXPLOSION • Shut off gas supply at LP container before disconnecting a gas line. • Keep control compartment clean and free of gasoline, combustible material, and flammable liquids and vapors. AFTERMARKET WATER HEATING ELEMENT DEVICES WARNING EXPLOSION / BURN INJURY • DO NOT alter water heater, it will void warranty. • DO NOT USE Aftermarket heating elements, they can lack critical safety controls. • Use of Aftermarket heating elements can lead to an out of control heating of water tank and a catastrophic wet side explosion. The use of any aftermarket heating element devices may also result in damage to components or water heater. Atwood’s written warranty states - “failure or damage resulting from any alteration to our water heater is the owner’s responsibility”. Any alteration, like the addition of an aftermarket heating element device, will void the warranty. GENERAL INFORMATION • LP and Water system must be turned on. • Have gas pressure tested periodically. Should be set at 11 inches of water column with three appliances running. • Drain water heater at regular intervals (at least one time during the year). • Drain water heater before storing RV for the winter or when the possibility of freezing exists. • Keep vent and combustion air grill clear of any obstructions. • Periodically, compare flame of main and pilot burners with FIG 5 and main burner adjustments in HOW TO OPERATE YOUR WATER HEATER. • When water heater is not in use set temperature control lever (White Rogers) or dial (Robertshaw) to lowest possible position. This will reduce the effects of low outdoor temperatures on calibration of temperature control mechanism. ELECTRONIC IGNITION MAINTENANCE • The water heater comes factory-equipped with a fused circuit board, which will protect the circuit board from wiring shorts. If the fuse should activate, the water heater will not operate. Before replacing the fuse, check for a short external to the board. Once the short is corrected, replace the 2 amp fuse with a mini ATO style fuse. Do not install a fuse larger than 3 amps. • If the fuse is good and the unit is inoperative, check for excessively high voltage to the unit (more than 14 volts). • If the previous two steps did not solve the problem, check the thermal cut-off (FIG 3-I). The thermal cutoff is a device installed in the power supply line. This device will shut off electrical power and stop heater operation when activated. For example, if an obstruction within the flue tube should occur, as described in the Preventative Maintenance section, the burner flame/heat may contact the cutoff, resulting in a melting of the fuse element incorporated in the thermal cutoff. In order to restore power and proper operation of the water heater, the obstruction must be removed and the thermal cutoff must be replaced. 5 PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE Spiders, mud wasps, and other insects can build nests in the burner tube. This will cause poor combustion, delayed ignition or ignition outside combustion tube. Listen for a change in burner sounds or in flame appearance from a hard blue flame to a soft lazy flame or one that is very yellow. These are indications of an obstruction in burner...

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