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Инструкция по эксплуатации Canon, модель EOS 5D Mark II

Производитель: Canon
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..OnzD The vertical image is automatically rotated on both the camera’s LCD monitor and on the personal computer. ..OnD The vertical image is automatically rotated only on the personal computer. ..Off The vertical image is not rotated. Auto rotation will not work with vertical images captured while auto rotation was [Off]. They will not rotate even if you later switch it to [On] for playback. ..Immediately after image capture, the vertical image will not be automatically rotated for the image review. ..If the vertical image is taken while the camera is pointed up or down, the image might not rotate automatically for playback. ..If the vertical image is not automatically rotated on the personal computer screen, it means the software you are using is unable to rotate the image. Using the provided software is recommended. Sensor Cleaning The camera has a Self Cleaning Sensor Unit attached to the image sensor’s front layer (low-pass filter) to shake off dust automatically. The Dust Delete Data can also be appended to the image so that the dust spots remaining can be erased automatically by Digital Photo Professional (provided software). About smear adhering to the front of the sensor Besides dust entering the camera from outside, in rare cases lubricant from the camera’s internal parts may adhere to the front of the sensor. In case visible spots still remain after the automatic sensor cleaning, having the sensor cleaned by a Canon Service Center is recommended. Even while the Self Cleaning Sensor Unit is operating, you can press the shutter button halfway to interrupt the cleaning and start shooting immediately. 165 f Automatic Sensor Cleaning Whenever you set the power switch to <1/J> or <2>, the Self Cleaning Sensor Unit operates to automatically shake off the dust on the front of the sensor. Normally, you need not be aware of this operation. However, you can execute the sensor cleaning at anytime as well as disable it. Cleaning the Sensor Now 1 Select [Sensor cleaning]. ..Under the [6] tab, select [Sensor cleaning], then press <0>. 2 Select [Clean nowf]. ..Turn the <5> dial to select [Clean nowf], then press <0>. ..Select [OK], then press <0>. • The screen will indicate that the sensor is being cleaned. Although there will be a shutter sound, a picture is not taken. ..For best results, do the sensor cleaning while the camera bottom is placed on a table or other flat surface. ..Even if you repeat the sensor cleaning, the result will not improve that much. Right after the sensor cleaning is finished, the [Clean nowf] option will remain disabled temporarily. Disabling Automatic Sensor Cleaning ..In step 2, select [Auto cleaningf] and set it to [Disable]. • The sensor cleaning will no longer be executed when you set the power switch to <1/J> or <2>. 3 Appending Dust Delete DataN Normally, the Self Cleaning Sensor Unit will eliminate most of the dust that might be visible on captured images. However, in case visible dust still remains, you can append the Dust Delete Data to the image to later erase the dust spots. The Dust Delete Data is used by Digital Photo Professional (provided software) to erase the dust spots automatically. Preparation ..Get a solid-white object (paper, etc.). ..Set the lens focal length to 50mm or longer. ..Set the lens focus mode switch to and set the focus to infinity (.). If the lens has no distance scale, look at the front of the lens and turn the focusing ring clockwise all the way. Obtain the Dust Delete Data 1 Select [Dust Delete Data]. ..Under the [2] tab, select [Dust Delete Data], then press <0>. 2 Select [OK]. ..Turn the <5> dial to select [OK], then press <0>. After the automatic sensor cleaning ends, a message will appear. Although there will be a shutter sound, a picture is not taken. 167 3 Appending Dust Delete DataN 3 Photograph a solid-white object. ..At a distance of 20 cm - 30 cm / 0.7 ft. - 1.0 ft., fill the viewfinder with a patternless, solid-white object and take a picture. • The picture will be taken in the aperture- priority AE mode with an aperture of f/22. ..Since the image will not be saved, the data can still be obtained even if there is no card in the camera. • When the picture is taken, the camera will start obtaining the Dust Delete Data. When the Dust Delete Data is obtained, a message will appear. Select [OK], and the menu will reappear. ..If the data was not obtained successfully, a message to that effect will appear. Follow the “Preparation” procedure on the preceding page, then select [OK]. Take the picture again. About the Dust Delete Data After the Dust Delete Data is obtained, it is appended to all the JPEG and RAW images captured thereafter. Before an important shoot, you should update the Dust Delete Data by obtaining it again. To erase dust spots automatically with the bundled software, see the Software Instruction Manual in the CD-ROM. The Dust Delete Data appended to the image is so small that it hardly affects the image file size. Be sure ...

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