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Инструкция по эксплуатации Escali, модель M-Series

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IMPORTANT 1. Read all instructions before operating the scale. 2. Follow the basic safety precautions for all office equipment when using this scale. 3. The manufacturer does not warrant this unit to be waterproof. Do not expose this product to rain or moisture. 4. Do not use the scale in direct sunlight. Keep it away from heating appliances such as an oven, stove, etc. 5. This scale does not contain any user-serviceable parts. Do not disassemble. 5. Use the scale for its intended purpose only. Note: The display value may be affected by electromagnetic influences, e.g. when a radio is operated in the immediate vicinity of the device. The product can be used for its intended purpose again when the interference is discontinued, but may need to be switched on again to re-start. BATTERY INSTALLATION 1. Turn the entire scale upside down and reset it securely on a firm, flat surface. 2. Open the battery door by loosing the battery door screw. 3. Install four UM2 size C batteries in the battery compartment, ensuring that the positive/negative side is in the direction as shown in the cabinet. 4.Close the battery door and fasten it with the screw. BATTERY STATUS • When the battery is low, “Lo” will be displayed. Open the battery compartment and replace the old batteries with new ones. • Used batteries must not be disposed of as household waste. Do not incinerate batteries because they might explode at high temperature. Contact your local authority for information concerning reclamation and disposal of batteries. • When replacing batteries, always use brand new batteries of the same type. AC/DC ADAPTOR (Optional) 1. Open the Adaptor cabinet door. 2. Plug the adaptor jack into the socket. 3. Take out the adaptor and close the cabinet door. 4. Plug the adaptor to the AC main. PART AND KEY DESCRIPTION 5) Battery Door and Compartment Level Adjusting (7) (8) (9) AC/DC adaptor Adaptor Door AC/DC Adaptor 1) Stainless Steel Platform Socket 2) Bubble Leveler 3) Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) 4) Keypad (10) feet 6) Main power On/off Switch (6) Main Power 7) Adaptor door On/Off Switch 8) AC/DC adaptor socket 9) AC/DC adaptor (optional) (5) Battery Door 10) Level adjusting feet and Compartment Bubble Leveler (2) LCD Display (3) Keypad (4) (1) Stainless Steel Platform OPERATION OPERATION LEVEL THE SCALE When the scale is put to use at a new place, adjust the level of the scale by turning the 4 level adjusting feet until the bubble is located in the middle position of the bubble leveler. ACTIVATING THE SCALE 1. Turn on the “power on/off switch” 2. Turn the scale on by pressing “ON/OFF” key 2. The LCD screen will show all characters for a few seconds and then “0.000>” will be shown on the display. 3. The scale turns off automatically after being idle for two minutes. EL BACK LIGHT Your can turn On or Off the Back light of the scale by pressing the “Back Light” key WEIGHING AN ITEM 1. Turn on the scale. 2. Place an item on the platform and the exact weight of item will be displayed. SELECTING WEIGHT UNIT When the scale is power on, press the “MODE” key repeatedly to change weight unit according to following sequence: kg --- lb --- oz --- lb/oz Displays 4 modes, e.g. “kg” mode .. 1.500kg “lb” mode .. 3.32lb “oz” mode .. 52.9oz ”lb/oz mode .. 3lb 4.9oz USING THE HOLD FUNCTION When the object is on the scale platform, press the “HOLD” key once and then take off the object from the scale platform. the weight of the object will be hold for 1 minute with a HOLD icon displays on the left side of the LCD. USING THE TARE MODE: 1. Turn the scale on. 2. “0.000>” will be shown on the display after a few seconds. 3. Place an item on the weighing platform and read the value accordingly. 4. Press the “TARE” key, the weight of this item will be eliminated and the reading will change to “0.000>”. 5. Place next item on the weighing platform and get the reading. 6. Press “TARE” key again will show the total weight 7. Repeat step (4) to (6) for further objects. Note: The scale will display a negative reading when you remove all items. Press the “Tare” key once and the negative reading will disappear. USING THE COUNTING MODE:: A. Set sample size: 1. Turn on the scale 2. Press “PCS” key, SET will be shown on the display. 3. Press “MODE” key, 100 will be displayed. 4. Press “MODE” key again to select the sample size in the sequence of 10 > 20 > 40 > 60 > 80 > 100. 5. Press “PCS” key to confirm the sample size. “pcs” icon will be shown on the left hand corner of the display. 6. Press “PCS” again to return to weighing mode. Remark: the sample weight is memorized in the scale. You only need to repeat steps (2),(4) and (5) for different objects or sample size B. COUNTING: 1. Turn on the scale 2. Place the samples on the platform 3. Press the “PCS” key, the sample size as set by the above setting steps will be displayed. 4. Place objects on the platform, the scale will calculate and shown the numbers on the LCD. Remark: by pressing the “TARE” key will activate t...

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