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Инструкция по эксплуатации Escali, модель Pana

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How to weigh: Escali ® 1) Press the “On/Tare/Off” key. All display segments will appear for approximately 2 seconds before resetting to zero. 2) Press the “g/ oz” key to select the units (grams, pounds+ounces or ounces). 3) Place item slowly on the platform. 4) Press the “On/Tare/Off” key to turn the scale off. How to measure by volume: Your scale will let you measure ingredients by volume. The scale is pre-programmed with 99 codes that correspond with different ingredients. See the list of ingredients in the back of this manual to find the code for the ingredient you are measuring. 1) Press the “On/Tare/Off” key. 2) Press the “Vol” key to switch the scale to the volume mode. Cups / tbs will now show on the display. 3) Enter the 2 digit ingredient code from the list in the back of this manual. The scale will confirm your entry by displaying the code in the left top corner of the display. 4) Place item slowly on the platform, your scale will now show your ingredients measured in cups and/or tablespoons. 5) Press the clear button to re-enter an ingredient code. Your Pana scale will display in commonly used increments of cups; 1/8, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 and 3/4, and in 1/2 tablespoons How to use the Tare feature: This feature allows you to obtain the exact weight of an item in a container, by subtracting the weight of the container. It lets you add consecutive ingredients to the container, and weigh each ingredient individually. 1) Press the “On/Tare/Off” key. 2) Select weighing unit (oz, lb+oz, g) or volume (cups + tbs) . Model: Pana User Manual Escali.com 3) Place the container, without the item, slowly on the tray. 4) Press the “Tare” key. The weight of the container will be removed, and the display value will reset to zero. 5) Slowly add the item to the container. The display will show the weight or volume of the item only. 6) You may continue to determine the weight or volume of each additional item as they are added by repeating step 4 & 5. How to clear the Tare feature: Remove all items from the tray. A negative weight will appear on the display. Press the “TARE” key again to reset the scale to zero. Battery Replacement: This unit comes with a low battery indicator. Please replace the battery when the low battery symbol appears. Online product demonstration: See for additional information on your Pana Scale. Click on Product demonstration to see and experience an interactive online product demonstration. Do not place overweight items on scale: Weighing items over the maximum weight capacity will cause an Error code “Err” to display. Immediately remove overweight items to avoid causing damage to your scale. Auto Shut Off: Your scale will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of non-use. When operating the scale on the optional power adapter it will stay on till it is turned off. Power Source: 9- volt battery or optional AC/DC adapter (To prevent damage, only use an Escali adapter or the warranty will be void). Dimensions: 7.5" x 9.75" x 1.25" (19cm x 24cm x 3cm) Graduation: 1/10th ounce (0.1 oz) or 1 gram Capacity: 6.6 Lb or 3000 gram Weight Modes: gram, ounces, and pounds+ Important additional information: 1) Your scale is pre-programmed with 99 codes for a variety of ingredients and food items. King Arthur Flour® and Escali ® have done extensive research to arrive at the pre-programmed data. Data however are average values, and may differ from the ingredients you are using. 2) Make sure your scale is at room temperature and on a stable horizontal surface free of vibration. 3) This scale is not waterproof. Do not expose to moisture. 4) This scale is a precision instrument, it must be handled with extreme care. Avoid rough treatment, shaking and vibration. 5) Do not disassemble this scale or the warranty will be void. 6) The display value may be affected by electromagnetic disturbances such as operating near a radio. If this occurs, move the device that is causing the disturbance and turn the scale off and restart. Manufacturer’s five (5) year limited warranty. See for full details. Escali’s liability is limited to two (2) times the cost of the product. © Copyright Escali LLC, 2006; applies to all content of this manual and all data in the scale. ...

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