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Инструкция по эксплуатации Groupe SEB USA - T-FAL, модель Pse-bb

Производитель: Groupe SEB USA - T-FAL
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3) . Centre the notches opposite the “CLICK” markings (fig. 4 - fig. 5) and press until they click home. Turn the right way up again. The appliance is ready for weighing. Precautions for use Do not place the appliance near a source of heat. - Appliances such as microwave ovens or cellular phones can interfere with the weight indication if used near the scales. - To clean, wipe with a damp sponge. Do not use abrasive cleaning products. Never immerse in water. - Before putting away, ensure that the appliance is turned off. Do not store other items on top of your scales. Using your Baby Scales Switching on - weighing Place the baby scales (fig. 6) on a flat, level, stable hard surface, ensuring that the appliance is perfectly stable and not in contact with any objects. Press button O/l , the display will show and then . If you decide to line the basket with a towel, press button O/l again to deduct its weight (fig. 7) . The display will show and then . Place the baby in the basket (fig. 8) . The weight will be indicated on the display for about 40 seconds. If this is the first time of use, the weight indication will flash to show that it has been memorised. - as soon as the child is removed, - if nothing is weighed for about 40 seconds after switching on. The appliance can be switched off manually by pressing button O/l , once the display shows . Weighing young children (standing on the platform) Turn the baby scales upside down and unclip the basket using one hand (fig. 9 - fig. 10) , while lifting the scales off the basket using the other hand. Operation remains the same (see Switching on – weighing). The child should stand on the platform and remain still (fig. 11) . Do not exceed the maximum weight of 20 kg. Special indications Low battery indication. Zero reset indication. Maximum deduction (for extra weight on the scales): 2 kg. Maximum weight (20 kg) exceeded. Do not exceed the maximum load... Appears if a load of more than 2.5 kg is placed on the platform before switching on. Remove the load from the platform. Switch on again before weighing. (Negative value) Appears if weight is removed from the platform after switching on or if the scales are in contact with an object, preventing them from weighing correctly. To return to 0, press button O/l . Never throw used batteries into the dustbin : consider them as chemical residue. Environment protection first ! • Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. • Leave it at a local civic waste collection point. ...

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