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Инструкция по эксплуатации Applied Energy Products, модель XX100P

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Before cleaning, isolate the fan completely from the mains supply. 2. Remove the front cover by pressing the release catches located on the sides of the unit with a 3mm screwdriver, whilst pulling the front cover forward (fig. E). 3. To clean the front cover, either wipe it with a damp, lint free cloth or wash it in warm soapy water. Thoroughly dry the front cover and refit. 4. Do not immerse the fan in water or other liquids to clean any other parts of the fan. 5. Do not use strong detergents, solvents or chemical cleaners to clean the fan. 6. Allow fan to dry thoroughly before use. 7. Apart from cleaning, no other maintenance is required. Do's and dont's • Do read the entire instruction leaflet before commencing installation. • Do install each fan with a double pole isolating switch. • Do make sure the mains supply is switched off before attempting to make electrical connections or carry out any maintenance or cleaning • Don't install this fan in any window/panel which is less than 4mm thick. Guarantee Customers outside the UK - Contact your local distributor. • UK – The fan is guaranteed against defects from the date of purchase. • Please keep your purchase receipt. Technical advice and service Customers outside the UK - Contact your local distributor. UK: Xpelair have a comprehensive range of services including: • Free design service and technical advice on all aspects of ventilation from trained engineers. • Service and maintenance contracts to suit all requirements. • Xpelair Technical Hotline:- +44 (0) 8709 000430 • Xpelair Technical Faxline:- +44 (0) 8709 000530 Head Office, UK Sales Office and Spares Applied Energy Products Ltd, Morley Way, Peterborough, PE2 9JJ England Telephone: +44 (0) 1733 456789 Fax: +44 (0) 1733 310606 Sales/Spares Hotline: +44 (0) 8709 000420 Sales/Spares Faxline: +44 (0) 8709 000520 Part No. 567 2026 01 (Revision D) Xodus Toilet/Bathroom Fans XX100, XX100P & XX100T installation & operating instructions. Please leave this leaflet with the fan for the benefit of the user. Installing the fanThese appliances are intended for connection to fixed wiring. Check that the electrical rating shown on each fan matches the mains supply. THESE APPLIANCES ARE DOUBLE INSULATED AND DO NOT REQUIRE AN EARTH CONNECTION. All installations must be supervised by a qualified electrician. Installations and wiring must conform to current IEE Regulations (UK), local or appropriate regulations (other countries). If you have any queries before installing these products or after they have been installed, contact the Xpelair Technical Hotline (details overleaf), or outside the UK contact your distributor. Description XX100 Range fans have the following features: • Single speed operation. XX100 • Operate the fan using an on/off switch (not supplied). XX100P • Operate the fan using an integral pull cord. XX100T • Built-in timer operates fan for a preset delay of 20 minutes. What the installer will need • A double pole isolating switch with a minimum contact gap of 3mm in each pole (wall or ceiling mounted). • If metal switch boxes are used, earthing regulations must be followed. • Suitably rated 2-core cable - XX100 / XX100P. • Suitably rated 3-core cable - XX100T. • 3mm electricians screwdriver and No. 1 or No. 2 Pozidriv screwdrivers. • 3 off No. 8 wall screws and plugs or appropriate fasteners. • A wall or ceiling on/off switch - XX100T. It is recommended to use a switch with an indicator light. • To prevent a possible hazardous situation from water ingress, an appropriate condensation trap (Xodus XCT100) must be fitted as close as possible to the fan in all situations where any section of the ductwork is positioned higher than the fan itself. If wall mounting the fan you will also need • XXWK4 Wall Kit including telescopic wall tube and back draught shutter. • Alternatively, a CFWG100 Wall Grille and 100mm diameter ducting. • Masonry drill, hammer and chisel (or core drill equipment if available). • Mortar to make good the hole around the...

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