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Инструкция по эксплуатации Windster, модель RA-268

Производитель: Windster
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(Purchase locally). ► Electrical wire and supplies to comply with local cords. ► Four 1 Va " long flat head wood screws (purchase locally) to mount wood strips. ► Pencil and ruler for marking locations. Saber saw or keyhole saw for cutting the 1 "x2" wood strips to length. D. Accessory Package 1. Wood screws 3/16" x 1" L 6pcs. 2. Wire connector with spring 3pcs. 3. Washer 4pcs. E. Preparing The Range Hood 1. Remove the top electrical Electrical Knockout knockout, you may plan to / bring power to the range hood either through the rohinot or th rn 1 1 rt h thq \a/o 11 UdUlllcl Ul uliUUyil lllc Wall (Fig. 1) Fig. 1 2. Insert a screwdriver into the knockout slot and bend the knockout back and forth. (Fig.2) You may have to use pliers to pull the loosened knockout free. Fig.2 Fig.3 Note: When installed, the bottom edge of your range hood should be 28" ~ 32" above the top of the cooking surface. (Fig.4) Fig.4 5 F. Preparing The Installation Location Note: Please also refer P. 10 "J. Making the Electrical Connection" 1. A. If you want to move the electric range to make room for working on the cabinet turn off the 220 volt power for the electric range at the service entrance. B. Before moving a gas range, shut off the gas. Note: Omit steps 2a through 2d if the hood is to be mounted on a cabinet with a flush bottom. 2. For installation onto a recessed bottom cabinet: a. Measure the space (under the cabinet between the inside front edge and inside back edge (Fig.5). With a saber, cut two 1 "x2" wood filler strips (purchased locally) to fill in the bottom of the cabinet. b. Start a 1 */4" long wood screw (purchased locally) about 3" from each end of the 1"x2" wood strips (Fig.6) c. Position the strips on the cabinet bottom and screw the strips securely to the cabinet (Fig.7) d. Fora more secure installation, drill four 3/16" holes from inside the cabinet, down into the wood filler strips. Insert screws into the starter holes in cabinet and tighten screws until wood filler strips are secured under cabinet. 3. Center the hood in place beneath the cabinet and flush with the front of the cabinet. Mark the following: a. The four keyhole mounting slots for the hood. Mark these onto the bottom of the cabinet; or, if the cabinet bottom is recessed. Onto the wood strips (Fig.7) b. The electrical knockout hole. (Fig. 1) 4. Screw the four 1" wood screws (for mounting the hood) into the exact center of the arrow and of the keyhole mounting slots marked on the cabinet bottom (for flush installations), or marked on the 1 "x2" wood strips (for recessed cabinet installation) (Fig.7) Do not turn the mounting screws in all the way. Allow 3/8" of screw to project, so the hood can be fitted place. (The screws will be tightened later) Providing Electrical Power Û O Fig.7 Note: Please also refer P.10 "J. Making the Electrical Connection" 1. After turning off the proper 120 volt circuit at the service entrance, drill out the electrical power line access hole marked on the cabinet bottom or wall. Use a 1 % "wood bit. To operate the electric drill, use an extension cord connected to another circuit. (Fig.8) 2. Fish the electrical power line through the access hole drilled in the wall or bottom of the cabinet. Attach an appropriate connector (purchased locally) to the end of the power line for the type of wiring being installed. Follow all codes. (Fig.9) Safety Warning: If drilling into the walls, be careful not to cut existing electrical cables, which would create a hazard. Note: Please also refer P.10 "J. Making the Electrical Connection" 1. Position the hood in place so that: a. The electrical line is routed through the appropriate Knockout opening. This step will have to be accomplished while positioning the hood (Fig.10) b. The large part of the keyhole mounting slots on the hood fit onto the hood mounting screws projecting from the bottom of the cabinet. (Fig. 11) 2. Adjust the hood so the front is flush with the cabinet front. 3. Tighten the hood mounting screws all the way into the cabinet or into the 1" x 2" wood strips so the hood is secure. Color: green/white/black Knockout opening Fig.10 Fig.11 I. Mounting Range Hood Without Cabint Note: Please also refer P.10 "J. Making the Electrical Connection" 1. Using metal brackets and screws (included), center hood onto board and install screw. 2. Remove the hood from the board and nail the wood board onto the wall. (Be sure the nail is in the center of the stud) 3. Place the range hood on the board and tighten the screw. I b /tan: i0 _ o n 4. Complete finished 9 J. Making the Electrical Connection 1. Turn the three nuts at the front of bottom board. ( Fig. 13) 2. Remove screws on wiring case, fish out wires through the knockout. (Fig.12) 3. Mark the electrical connection by fastening all wires to the existing wall wiring according to the their colors. (Black to Black, White to White, Green to Ground) 4....

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