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Инструкция по эксплуатации Crane & Co., модель EE-5605

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Business hours Mon-Fri 9:00am-4:00 pm CT. 4 HOW TO ASSEMBLE NOTE: Refer to LIST OF MAIN PARTS on page 4. 1. Lay the main body of the fan gently on the floor, take the base (3) and place power cord (6) in the cord groove. 2. Attach the fan body and the base by tightening the base screws (4) with a screwdriver. 3. Secure power cord (6) to base (3) with clamp screws (5). HOW TO USE How to Locate the Remote Controller IMPORTANT: Remove the clear plastic sticker that is visible at the bottom of the remote controller (see drawing below). The remote controller can be removed from remote controller holder, at the back of the tower fan near the top (see drawing below). How to Operate Tower Fan Control Buttons On - Green Light Off - Light Off To start or stop the fan Low speed - Red Mid speed - Orange High speed -Green To adjust the Speed Level of the fan, press fan speed button (low / medium / high). On -Green light Off - Light off To start or stop the oscillation of fan On -Green light Off - Light off To switch the LED light on or off for the clock 2 hours - Red 4 Hours - Orange 8 hours - Green Off - Light off To set the timer level: 2 / 4 / 8 hours 5 Operating Instructions for Digital Display Read and understand the following steps before you attempt to set the digital display. NOTE: To set clock, date, and day a fine point will be needed to insert into the small circle buttons below the batteries inside the battery compartment (i.e. pen tip). See drawing below. Open the battery compartment gently. Place 2 AA batteries into the compartment in the appropriate polarity directions Note: The batteries supply power to the digital display. If the batteries are removed the digital display will reset. Setting Clock Press "MODE" button (12hr will appear on digital display). Use the "UP" or "DOWN" button to select 12hr (standard time) or 24hr (military time). Press "SET" button (the hour will began to flash on the digital display). Use the "UP" or "DOWN" button to select the desired hour. Press "SET" button (the minutes will began to flash on the digital display). Use the "UP" or "DOWN" button to select the desired minutes. Setting Year Press "SET" button. (the year will begin to flash on the digital display). Use the "UP" or "DOWN" button to select the desired year. Setting Month Press "SET" button (the month will began to flash on the digital display). Use the "UP" or "DOWN" button to select the desired month. Setting Day Press "SET" button (the day will began to flash on the digital display). Use the "UP" or "DOWN" button to select the day. When all settings are complete press "MODE" button 4 times (the time, date, and day you just set will appear on the digital display). To select Fahrenheit and Celsius Temperature conversion: press "SET" to convert between Celsius and Fahrenheit. 6 A MAINTENANCE CAUTION: Always be sure that the appliance is switched OFF before cleaning the appliance or attempting to store the item. Before cleaning, turn the fan off and unplug from electrical outlet. Wipe off excess dust with a lint free cloth. A vacuum cleaner hose can be used to clean this area if desired. Should the fan housing become soiled, it can be cleaned with warm (not hot) soapy, mild detergent solution. Wipe dry. Do not submerse your fan in water or any other liquid. Do not allow any liquid to get into the fan guards or motor Please Note: Take care not to stain the plastic parts with oil. Avoid using in places where oil is liable to spill on fan. Damage deterioration is always caused by oil sticking. STORING Store the appliance in a dry location. Do not place any heavy items on top of appliance during storage as this may result in possible damage of appliance. SERVICE CENTER If you have any question in regards to the operation of this appliance or are in need of a spare part please contact our service center at: Crane USA Inc. Tel: 1-888-599-0992 (Business hours Mon-Fri 9:00am - 4:00pm CT) Website: ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION If the appliance should no longer work at all, please make sure that it is disposed in an environmentally friendly way. Please do not put it with your household waste. 7 LIMITED WARRANTY Thank you for purchasing a top quality Crane product. This Tower Fan was tested and meets our stringent quality standards. This product is warranted to be free from manufacturing defects under normal use and conditions for 1 year. In case you find this product to have a manufacturing defect please proceed as follows: A. Within 90 days of purchase: return the product to your retailer for a replacement or a refund. B. After 90 days and within the warranty period: send the product and all of it's accessories to our service center. The consumer will be responsible for all shipping costs to the Crane Service Center. Crane will not assume responsibility for loss or damages to the product being returned to us. To avoid transport damages...

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