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Инструкция по эксплуатации Uniden, модель PRO340XL

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8 Operation 9 BeforeoperatingthePRO340XL: 9 Receive 9 Transmit , 9 Care and Maintenance 10 ReplacingtheCigaretteLighterPlugFuse. ......................10 ReplacingtheBatteries 10 RechargingtheBatteries 11 UsingtheCigaretteLighterPowerCord. .................... 11 Using an OptionalACAdaptor 11 Troubleshooting 12 Servicing Your CB 12 Specifications 13 Features, Specifications and availability of Optional Accessories are all subject to change without notice. Uniden@is a registered trademark of Uniden Corporation. Introduction Welcome to the world of CB radio communication. Your Uniden PRO340XL representsthemostadvancedportableradioeverdesignedfor useinthe Citizens Band Radio Service. This powerful unit operates on any of the 40 AM frequencies authorized by the Spectrum Management Agency ( SMA ). Amongits manyfeatures,the PRO340XLincludes: . Superheterodynecircuitry to enhance receiver quality. . Phase Locked Loop Synthesizer techniques to assure precise frequency control. . Flexible operation that allows you to power the radio with 8 AA alkaline batteries, 10 rechargeable AA nickel-cadmium batteries (batteries not included), or from your vehicle battery. . Connection for an optional nickel-cadmium battery charger. This radio has been type accepted and fully certified by the SMA. WARNING The Citizens Band Radio Communication Service (CBRS) is under the jurisdiction of the Australian Spectrum Management Agency (SMA). Any adjustment or alteration which will change the performance of the transceiver's original SMA type acceptance is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Replacement or Substitution of power or frequency de~ermining components e.g. Crystals, Transistors, IC's, Diodes, or any part of a unique nature, with parts other than those recommended by Uniden maycauseviolationtotheSMAtype acceptancetechnical requirement. Licensing Requirements Before using your transceiver, you must obtain a Citizens Band Radio License from the Spectrum Management Agency (SMA). Application forms and brochures relating to CBRS are available at your nearest SMA office. Mail the completed application form and the appropriatefee to the Communications Manager of SMA, in the State or Territory in which the station will be operated. 1 UnpackingYour CB Radio Carefully unpackyour PRO340XLand checkthe contentsagainstthis list: .PRO340XLPortable CB Radio . 2 Battery Spacers (For use with alkaline batteries) . Cigarette Lighter Power Cord . Flexible Antenna . Belt Clip (Attached to radio) . This Operating Guide (Read it carefully and save) " If any items are missing or damaged, contact your place of purchase immediately. WARNING Do not attempt to charge alkaline batteries in this radio. Make sure you have installed 10 rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries before connecting power to the charge connection. 2 Controls And Functions TX Indicator BAIT LOW Indicator Channel Display ON/OFF Switch HI/LOW Switch Channel Down Channel Up Button Button SOU ELCH Control VOLUME Control Microphone 1I11den G000Q000000G000 @~$$OO~$$OO@~~O 000\!!l000Q\!!I\!!I00GOG 000000000000000 ~0$OOO00000~~00 000GO0000GOOeoo e."80000@@~00O@ Speaker \!!I000Q1II00000~000 000000@00000000 GOO\!!l00GO~~00GO\!!l G000QOG0000GG00 @~OOOOOOGOO@OOO 000190000000001110 Front View TXIndicator -LED lights to indicate when the radio is transmitting. BAITLOWLED -Lightswhenthebatteriesbecomeweakandneedtobe replaced. ChannelDisplay -A large LED display shows the current channel in use. HIILOWSwitch -ChangestransmitterpowerfromIowtohigh. ON/OFFSwitch -Turns the radioon and off. ChannelSelector -Selects any of the 40 CB channels. SQUELCHControl -Adjusts the squelch level. VOLUMEControl -Adjusts the volume level. Microphone -Transforms speech into transmission signals. Speaker -Produces audible signals from incoming transmissions. '7 3 Antenna Connector Push-To-Talk BeltClip Button CHARGE Connection POWER Connection Side View AntennaConnector -Provides a connection for the supp!ied flexible antenna. BeltClip -Connects to benfor portability. Push-to-TalkButton -Switches the CB from receive to transmit mode. CHARGEConnection-Connectionfora12VDCpowersourcetochargenickel-cadmium batteries while installed in the radio. POWERConnection -Connection for a 12V DC external power source. Connecting the Antenna 1. Align the two keys on the PRO340XLantenna connector with the key slots in the base of the flexible antenna. 2. Push the base of the flexible antenna down onto the antenna connector. 3. Twist the base clockwise to lock the antenna in place. 4 Power The PRO340XLis designed to operate with maximum 12 volt DC power. Power can be supplied through 10 AA, 1.2 volt, rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries;8AA, 1.5voltalkaline batteries;orthroughthesuppliedcigarette lighterpowercordwhenconnectedtoavehicle's 12volt negativegroundpower system. Installing Batteries WARNING: Do not mix alkaline batteries with nickel-cadmium batteries. AlkalineBatteries Note: To insure circuit continuity, use the two battery spacers supplied....

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