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Инструкция по эксплуатации Rosewill, модель WIRED INTERNET CAMERA RXS-3323

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Manual and Software Package CD 3. Quick Installation Guide 4. Detachable Wireless LAN Antenna (optional, only comes with Wireless Camera) 5. RJ 45 Cable 6. 12V/1A Power Adapter 7. Camera Mount Kit Please contact your reseller, if any of the above items are missing. System Requirements .. Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7. .. At least 256 MB of memory (512MB recommended) .. A wireless (802.11n or 802.11g) or Ethernet network. .. Internet Explorer 6.x or higher, Firefox 2.0 or later/ Safari Internet Web Browser .. VGA card resolution: 800 x 600 or above .. CPU: 1.3GHz or above processor Introduction of Hardware - Front View IR LEDs: These LEDs are used for night vision during night or dark environment to provide extra light source for the camera. Lens and Focus Ring: User can use this ring to make minor focus adjustment. Power and Wireless LED (Orange Color): Indicates the power and wireless connection. Microphone: Built-in microphone for sound and voice reception. LAN LED: This LED is used to indicate whether DC power is on or not. In addition, this LED will be flashing under Ethernet/LAN connection. - Rear View Audio Output Jack: The Audio Output Jack allows the camera to output audio or alerting sound. Connect with a 3.5O phone jack speaker or headphone (speaker or headphone don’t come with camera) Power Jack: The input power is 12VDC which is provided by the power adapter included in package Note: Improper power adapter may damage the camera and result in danger. Antenna Connector: User can attach the included antenna to this connector to connect to a wireless 802.11b/g/n network. (optional, for Wireless Camera only) LAN port: The RJ45 LAN socket is for connections to 10/100Base-TX Fast Ethernet cabling. Please use Category 5 or 6 “straight through” cable (doesn’t come with camera) to connect to Ethernet network switch, hub, or router. Note: Please use “cross-over” cable if you need to connect the camera to computer directly Factory Default Reset: Reset the Camera back to Factory Default Installation Hardware Installation: - Camera LAN and Power Installation: 1. Please use cable connection for the first time setup. Using the RXS-4324 as example, please connect an Ethernet cable to the LAN socket located on the camera’s rear and attach it to the network. 2. Connect the attached power adapter to the DC power jack of the camera. Note: Use the power adapter, 12VDC, included in the package and connect it to wall outlet for AC power. 3. Once you have installed the camera well and powered it on, the power LED will turn on. It means the system is booting up successfully. Furthermore, if you have a proper network connection, and access to the camera, the LED will flash blue under wired mode. - Ceiling Mount: 1. Fix the camera to L-type bracket with the two supplied screws 2. Fix the bracket and camera to the ceiling using two wall anchors and screws - Wall Mount: 1. Fix the L-type bracket to the wall using two wall anchors and screws 2. Fix the camera to L-type bracket with the two supplied screws Software Installation: When you installed the Camera on a LAN environment, there are two easy ways to search your Cameras by IPWizard or UPnP discovery. First is the guide to install the IPWizard II: - IPWizard II Installation: IPWizard II is a software designed to help you search and link to the Rosewill’s Camera which connects under your network. 1. Please insert the CD into your CD-Rom / DVD-Rom drive 2. A browser should automatically open up with “Software Package” info. 3. Please click on “IPWizard” under “Software & Tools” to continue 4. Click on “Run” to continue. 5. You may be prompt to this window depending on your Internet Browser’s security level, please click “Run” to continue. 6. Click on “Next” to continue 7. Click on “Finish” to finish the installation. 8. After installation, you should be able to see a new icon “IPWizard II” on your desktop Connecting to the Camera Using IPWizard II: After the installation of the IPWizard II, double click on the icon, you will sthis window popup as the basic management of the IPWizard II. Once it popup, the wizard will perform an auto search to see if you have any camera in the Network. The window below is an example of what this may look like: 1. Device Title This part shows the Device name found in the network 2. IP address Here shows the IP address of the found Camera 3. Port Here shows the Port used of the found Camera 4. Minimize and Close Window The orange circle will minimize the window and the red circle will close this window 5. MAC This shows the MAC address of your Camera Double Click on the above information bar will open up the Camera management page in your default Web Browser. 6. Search When launch the IPWizard II, a searching window will pop up. IPWizard II is starting to search Network Cameras on the LAN. The existed devices will be listed. 7. View (One click to view the video from the IPWizardII directly) If IPWizard II finds network devices, View bu...

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