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Инструкция по эксплуатации Rosewill, модель RXS-3211

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3 Camera Stand accessory kit Wall Mount Stand 1 . Wall Anchors 3 . Screws 3 . 4 39.3in (100cm) Category 5 Ethernet Cable 1 . 5 Quick Installation Guide 1 . 6 CD (Including User Manual/Utility/Driver) 1 . If any of the above items are missing, please contact Rosewill Support. Camera Front and Rear View Figure 1.4-1 Front View Power LED: Indicates power and WPS status LAN LED: Indicates LAN activity Camera: Video camera with lens LED activity for LAN / Power LED will be given later. Figure 1.4-2 Rear View Camera Lens LAN LED Power LED status WPS Reset to Default Power Jack With 5V DC LAN port Stand Connector Stand Connector: Connects to any standard tripod / camera wall holder. WPS / Reset Button: Press and release this button to activate WPS mode (WPS mode is not available in Wired Camera); press and hold this button for 10 seconds to clear all settings of this camera and return to factory default. Power Jack: Connect to 5V power adapter. LAN Jack: Connect to LAN by Ethernet cable. LED Activities Description LED Name Status Description Blue Slow Blinking Camera is booting Steady On Camera is correctly powered Off Camera is off Green On Camera is correctly powered Off Camera is not connected to LAN Flash Camera is logged in Camera Hardware Installation Please follow the following instructions to set your IP camera up. 1. Unpack the product package and check if anything missing. 2. Insert supplied LAN cable to “LAN” jack. You can choose to plug the other end onto one of the following: your computer, and your wired or wireless router. Figure 1.6-1 3. Plug the power adapter to wall socket, and connect the power connector to the power jack located at the back of the IP camera. Figure 1.6-2 4. Connect your stand to the connector or place the camera in a secure place, and point the camera to the place you wish to monitor. Camera Software Installation Follow the simple steps below to run the Install Wizard to guide you quickly through the Installation process. The following installation is implemented in Windows XP. The installation procedures in Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/Win7 are similar. 1. Insert the CD shipped along with the Internet Camera into your CD-ROM drive. The “Autorun.exe” program should be executed automatically. If not, run “Autorun.exe” manually from “Autorun” folder in the CD. 2. The Install Wizard will show four selections, select the program you want to install or click “Exit” to install the program later. The following installation steps are the demonstration of “Install Administrator Utility” and ““Install 16 Chan Camera Viewer“. “Install the Administrator Utility” provides the driver and Admin Utility. Administrator Utility helps your computer to search, configure, and view the camera through IE browser. Figure 1.7-1 3. First click “Install Administrator Utility“ and when the following window appears, click “Next”. Figure 1.7-2 4. You can specify the destination folder of software installation; you can just use the default folder, and click “Next” to continue. Figure 1.7-3 5. If you need installation program to create a desktop icon or a quick launch icon for you, click all items you need here, and click “Next” to continue. Figure 1.7-4 6. Here lists all options you chose in previous steps, if everything is correct, click “Install” to start installing procedure, or click “Back” to go back to previous step to modify installing settings. Figure 1.7-5 7. The installing procedure will take some time, please be patient. Figure 1.7-6 8. When you see this window, it means the software installing procedure is complete. Please click “Finish” to finish the procedure (IP camera surveillance software will start after you click “Finish” button, if you want to start it later, uncheck “Launch IP Cam Surveillance Software” box). Figure 1.7-7 9. After finished the installation of Administrator Utility, please go back to wizard page and click “Install Surveillance Software“, the system will start running viewer installation and the procedures are similar to the installation of administration utility. Figure 1.7-8 10. When the “Administrator Utility” and “Surveillance Software” installed completely. You should see both Icons on your desktop. Wired Internet Camera RXS-321 . Administrator Utility . Surveillance Software (16 Channels Camera Viewer) You have completed the installation process for RXS-3211’s software. Please follow the user manual: Chapter 2 lists the details of how to connect your IP Camera with your computer or router Chapter 3 lists the details of Camera’s Web Management via IE (suggested Internet Browser) Chapter 4 lists the details of the bundled surveillance program ...

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