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Инструкция по эксплуатации Bertazzoni, модель P24400X

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Operating in this way the gas regulator is converted for use with the other gas/pressure. Service & maintenance instructions Service and maintenance only to be carried out by an authorised person To replace parts such as burners, valves and electric components, the hotplate must be removed from the bench top by releasing the attachment hooks, loosening the attachment screws of each burner, unscrewing the hotplate attachments nuts which are visible at the bottom of the surface, removing the hotplate top and finally replacing the defective parts. Note: if the valves must be replaced, first disassemble the ignitions switches wires. It is recommended to replace the valve gaskets each time the valve is replaced, thus ensuring a perfect seal between the body and the gas train. WARNING: Disconnect power before servicing unit. For the location of the wall receptable for the connection of the three-pin earthed plug of the appliance, see indications given in Fig. 1- 2 WARNING: After first installation of the appliance or after any service intervention concerning main gas parts of the appliance, make the leak test using water with soap on the gas connections in order to verify the correct installation. Do not use fire for gas leak testing. 8 User instructions WARNINGS: Keeping appliance area clear and free from combustible materials, gasoline and other flammable vapors and liquid. Do not store dangerous or flammable material in the cabinet areas above appliance; store them in a safe place in order to avoid potential hazards. For safe use of appliance, do not use it for space heating. Do not use aerosol sprays in the vicinity of this appliance while it is in operation For description of hotplates refer to installation instructions. Descriptions DESCRIPTIVE CAPTION FOR HOB 1. Small Burner 2. Medium burner 3. Double ring (wok) burner 4. Front left side burner control knob 5. Back left side burner control knob 6. Back right side burner control knob 7. Front right side burner control knob Using burners A diagram is etched on the control panel above each knob which indicates which burner corresponds to that knob. Manual ignition: Manual ignition is always possible even when the power is cut off or in the event of prolonged power failure. Turn the knob that corresponds to the burner selected counterclockwise to the MAXIMUM position at the etched star (large flame) and place a lit match up to the burner. Automatic electric ignition: Turn the knob that corresponds to the burner selected counterclockwise to the MAXIMUM position at the etched star (large flame) and then press the knob down to activate the spark ignition. Once ignited, keep pressing the knob for about 10 seconds to allow the flame to heat the thermocouple. If the burner does not remain alight after releasing the knob repeat the above procedure, Note: It is recommended not to try to ignite the burner if the relative flame cap is not in the correct position Tips for using burners correctly: WARNING: During use of each gas burner(s) adjust the burner flame size properly so it does not extend beyond the edge of the cooking utensil. This is an instruction based on safety considerations - Use suitable pots for each burner (see Fig. 16 and Table B) - When the liquid is boiling, turn down the knob to the MINIMUM position. - Always use pots with a cover. 9 Fig.16 Fig.16 Table B Burner Recommended pan diameters inches (mm) Small 35.”-551/8”(90 – 140) Medium 551/8”- 1023/8”(140 – 260) Double ring (wok) 862/3”-1023/8” (220 – 260) Correct usage of pans: - Dry the bottom of the pan before placing it on the hotplate. - Use pots with a flat, thick bottom, except for wok cooking. - When using the burners, ensure that the handles of the pans are correctly positioned. Keep children away from the appliance. - When cooking foods with oil and fat, which are very flammable, do not leave the appliance unattended. WARNING: If the power is cut off, the burners can be lit with matches. The burners equipped with a safety thermocouple can only be lit when the knob is in the MAXIMUM position (large flame etching). Note: The use of a gas cooking appliance produces heat and humidity in the room where it is installed. Therefore, proper ventilation in the room is needed and natural ventilation openings must remain unobstructed and activating the mechanical exhaust fan/range hood. Intensive and continuous use of the appliance may require additional ventilation, for example by opening a window, or increasing the power of the mechanical exhaust fan/range hood, if installed. Cleaning the appliance: Never use abrasive cleaners Before cleaning the appliance it should be disconnected from the power supply. Cleaning the work surface: periodically clean the burner heads, the cast iron pan supports and the burner caps using warm water. Any spillage must always be removed as soon as possible using a rag. If it become difficult to open or close a valve, do not force it, but immediately request the assistance...

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