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Инструкция по эксплуатации FCI Home Appliances, модель COGB33062

Производитель: FCI Home Appliances
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Porcelain enamel on steel or cast Iron: See stainless steel or cast iron. Stainless steel: Heats quickly, but unevenly. A core or base of aluminium or copper on stainless steel provides even heating. Match Pan Diameter to Flame Size The flame should be the same size as the bottom of the pan or smaller. Do not use small pans with high flame settings as the flames can lick up the sides of the pan. Oversize pans that span two burners are placed front to rear, not side to side. Use Balanced Pans Pans must sit level on the cooktop grate without rocking. Center pan over burner. Use a Lid That Fits Properly A well-fitting lid helps shorten the cooking time. Flat, heavy bottom pans provide even heat and stability. BALANCED PAN CONCAVE (HOLLOW) FLAME TOO LARGE FOR PAN SIZE 005 UNBALANCED PAN CONVEX (ROUNDED) USE LIDS THAT FIT PROPERLY Use & Care Manual Model COGB ENGLISH Use a wok pot: If using a round bottomed wok pot, use the "FCI" support wok ring accessory supplied with models. Use a simmering plate: For simmering stews and soups, or melting chocolate, use the "FCI" simmer plate accessory. The simmer plate distributes the heat evenly and gently. Use a pot adaptor: This accessory has been designed to satisfy the cooktop use also with very small pans and pots. The use of this accessory is recommended in combination with low power burners. Canners and pressure cookers must meet the same requirements as described above. After bringing contents to a boil, use lowest heat setting possible to maintain a boil or pressure (for pressure canners/cookers). 006 Use & Care Manual Model COGB ENGLISH Cleaning the Cooktop The entire Cooktop can be safety cleaned by wiping with a soapy sponge, then rinsing and drying. If stubborn soil remains, follow the recommended cleaning methods below. CAUTION: • Before cleaning, be certain the burners are turned off and the grates are cool. • Always use the mildest cleaner that will do the job. Use clean, soft cloths, sponges or paper towels. • Rub stainless steel finishes in the direction of the grain. Wipe area dry to avoid water marks. • Do not clean removable cooktop parts in any self- cleaning oven. • After cleaning, place all parts in their proper positions before using cooktop. The cleaners recommended below and on the following page indicate cleaner types and do not constitute an endorsement of a particular brand. Use all products according to package directions. 007 Cooktop Part / Material Suggested Cleaners Suggestions/Reminders Keep the gas injector area free of cleaning agents and any other material from entering the injector orifice. Rub lightly, in a circular motion. Aluminium cleaners may dull the surface. - To clean port opening, use a tooth brush or straightened paper clip. • The grates are heavy; use care when lifting. Place on a protected surface. • Blisters/crazing/chips are common due to the extreme temperatures on grate fingers and rapid temperature changes. • Acidic and sugar-laden spills deteriorate the enamel. Remove soil immediately. • Abrasive cleaners, used too vigorously or too often, can eventually mar the enamel. Use & Care Manual Model COGB ENGLISH Suggestions/Reminders • Acidic and sugar-laden spills deteriorate the porcelain enamel. Remove soil immediately. • Do not use wet sponge or towel on hot porcelain. • Always apply minimal pressure with abrasive cleaners. • Do not soak knobs. • Do not use abrasive scrubbers or cleansers. • Do not force knobs onto valve shaft. • Pull knobs straight away from control panel to remove. • When replacing knobs, make sure knobs are in the OFF position. • Do not remove seats under knobs. • Stainless steel resists most food stains and pit marks providing the surface is kept clean and protected. • Never allow food stains or salt to remain on stainless steel for any length of time. • Rub lightly in the direction of polish lines. • Chlorine or chlorine compounds in some cleaners are corrosive to stainless steel. Check ingredients on label before using. • Always apply minimal pressure with abrasive cleaners especially on graphics. • Avoid excess water on the igniter. A damp igniter will prevent burner from lighting. • Remove any lint that may remain after cleaning. Use & Care Manual Model COGB ENGLISH Troubleshooting Try the solutions suggested here first In order to avoid the cost of an unnecessary service call. Ignition will not operate • Is the power supply cord unplugged? Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet. • Has a household fuse been blown or has the circuit breaker been tripped? Replace the fuse or reset the circuit. Surface burners will not operate • Is this the first time the surface burners have been used? Turn on any one of the surface burner knobs to release air from the gas lines. • Is the control knob set correctly? Push in knob before turning to a setting. • Are the burner ports clogged? See "Auper Sealed Surface Burners" section. Surface burner flames are uneven yellowand/or noisy • Are the burner ports clogged? Se...

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