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Инструкция по эксплуатации Cannon, модель SGM466

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IMPORTANT: Never block the holes in the control panel beneath the knobs, because this will impair the flow of combustion air and adversely affect burner operation, possibly creating a hazardous condition. The knobs are made of a composite plastic. These components should be washed regularly in warm, soapy water. Hand dishwashing liquid is excellent for this task. Knobs should be removed by gently pulling them straight out and off of the valve shafts. The spill protectors should be cleaned in place. Use caution to avoid introduction of moisture into the control panel behind the bezels. To replace knobs, align the “D-shaped” opening at the bottom of the knob with the “D-shaped” valve shaft, then carefully press the knob onto the valve. 6 Care and CleanInG IMPORTANT: 1. Turn the knobs to the “OFF” position prior to removing them from the valve stems. 2. The cooktop should never be operated without the knobs in place. 3. Do not soak the knobs in water or place them in the dishwasher. 4. Do not expose the knobs to direct flame, hot utensils, or other sources of heat. 5. Do not use abrasive or corrosive cleaners or applicators, as these could cause permanent damage. bUrner bases The burner base, which is permanently attached to the cooktop, is made of aluminum. The base should be wiped clean using a soft cloth or sponge that has been lightly dampened with warm water and hand dishwashing liquid. Thoroughly clean and dry the ignitors to prevent constant sparking of the reignition system. Refer to the Burner Ignitors for cleaning tips. bUrner rInGs The brass burner rings spread the flame evenly around the burner perimeters. The burner rings must seat properly in the burner bases to enable proper cooktop operation. To ensure proper seating, positioning tabs have been placed on the bottom of each burner ring to slide into corresponding notches in the fixed burner base. To remove the burner ring, first remove the grate, then lift off the porcelain burner cap. The burner ring may then be removed from the burner base. Soak the burner ring in a warm solution of hand dishwashing liquid and water, then rinse well with clean water. Dry the burner thoroughly before placing it back on the burner base. Stubborn stains may be removed by applying a metal polishing compound such as Luneta or Flitz. (If you are unable to locate this type of polishing compound, please phone the DACOR Customer Service Department for a referral.) bUrner IGnItors Under certain cooking or cleaning conditions, your cooktop ignitors may become coated with or corroded by food deposits, splattered grease or cleaning agents. This condition can cause erratic or continuous sparking. Keeping the ignitors clean and dry will help to reduce this problem. To avoid unnecessary and costly service calls, the homeowner should perform periodic cleaning of the ignitors. An Ignitor Cleaning Brush is enclosed for your use in cleaning the cooktop ignitors. To clean the ignitors: 1. Be sure burners are cool to the touch. Remove the grate, burner cap and burner rings. . Brush completely around the ignitor, including over and under the edge of the metal cap and base. Use care while cleaning here. The ignitor is porcelain and can be fragile. 3. DO NOT USE WATER when cleaning the ignitors. If a liquid must be used to clean the ignitor effectively, use only a small amount of rubbing alcohol. 4. After cleaning, reinstall the burner ring, burner cap and grate. Make sure the brass burner ring is properly seated into the burner base. 5. Test the burners. If erratic clicking is still present, make sure the ignitor is completely dry. If the unit still exhibits problems after drying, call your local DACOR Authorized Servicer. U-bUrner Gas GrIllM(sGM464GG) 1. Your gas grill will develop greasy areas as a normal result of use. Clean all greasy surfaces with mild soap and a cloth, this includes heat control channel. . Do not wash the U-shaped burner in a dishwasher. 3. Clean the surface of the U-shaped burner with soapy water and a brush. Do not submerge the burner in water. Rinse under water and dry thoroughly. 4. During cleaning some material may get clogged in the holes of the gas tubing. Use a paper clip or needle to free all plugged hole of lose material. Dump all cleaning materials out from inside the U-burner before reassembling the appliance. 7 before yoU Call for serVICe troUbleshootInG Unnecessary service calls may be expensive, frustrating and time consuming. Before you call for service, please review the potential problems, possible causes and remedies shown in the table below. Problem Possible Cause Remedy 1. Nothing works Cooktop is not connected to electrical power. Have cooktop connected to a properly sized electrical power supply by a qualified electrician. . Ignitors do not spark. Power supply is not energized. Have an electrician check power supply, including the house circuit breaker, wiring and fuses. Circuit breaker is tripped. Reset circuit breaker. House fuse is blo...

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