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Инструкция по эксплуатации Bryant, модель HUMBBWTR2019-A

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Do not force or bend the pin. The float arm should have free up-anddown movement. Install the evaporator pad assembly. Ensure that the square shaft engages the motor coupling and that the bearing washer is located inside the bearing retainer. Turn the water on. Adjust float by rotating until water covers inside of foam drum. Attach the access door and turn the latches. PIN FLOAT ARM VALVE —4— BEFORE YOU REQUEST A “SERVICE CALL’’ BEFORE YOU CALL FOR SERVICE, CHECK FOR THESE EASILY SOLVED PROBLEMS: • Check the main power disconnect switch. Verify that the circuit breakers are on and that fuses have not blown. If you must reset breakers or replace fuses, do so only once. Contact your servicing dealer for assistance if the breakers trip or the fuses blow a second time. • If the humidity level is too low, check the humidistat setting. Confirm that the saddle valve is turned on. Check the evaporator pad, and clean or replace the pad as necessary. Check water level in Model HUMBBWTR. • Check for sufficient airflow. Check the furnace filter or electronic air cleaner for excessive accumulations of dirt. Check for blocked return- or supply-air grilles. Be sure grilles are open and unobstructed. • If water drips from the humidifier, check the drain hose for kinks or obstructions. If your unit is a Model HUMBBWTR, dripping may indicate that the float valve requires adjustment. If your comfort system still fails to operate properly, contact your servicing dealer for troubleshooting and repairs. Specify your apparent problem, and state the model and serial numbers of your equipment. (You should have them recorded where noted in this booklet.) With this information, your dealer may be able to offer helpful suggestions over the phone, or save valuable time through knowledgeable preparation for the service call. REGULAR DEALER MAINTENANCE In addition to the routine maintenance that you perform, your humidifier should be inspected regularly by a properly trained service technician. The inspection (preferably each year, but at least every other year) should include the following: • Routine inspection of the humidifier. Cleaning, if necessary. Cleaning or replacement of the evaporator pad as required. • A check of all electrical wiring and connections. • A check of water connections to the unit. • Operational check of the complete comfort system to determine actual working condition. Necessary repair and/or adjustment should be performed at this time. Your servicing dealer may offer an economical service contract that covers seasonal inspections. Ask for further details. —5— —6— —7— Record the model and serial numbers of your new humidifier in the following spaces. This information, along with the other ready-reference facts requested below, may be required if you should ever need information or service. Model No._________________________________________ Serial No. _________________________________________ Date Installed ______________________________________ Dealer Name_______________________________________ Address ___________________________________________ City ______________________________________________ State ____________________ Zip_____________________ Telephone _________________________________________ Cancels: OM08-5 OM08-6 © 1998 Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems, 7310 W. Morris St. Indpls, IN 46231 Printed in U.S.A. Catalog No. 13HU-MB0 7-98 —8— ...

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