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Инструкция по эксплуатации Top Innovations, модель SF-465

Производитель: Top Innovations
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Mail in your warranty registration card. LETTER FROM THE CEO CUSTOMER SUPPORT For problems with your steamer, please refer to the Troubleshooting Guide located on page 14 of this manual. Additional inquiries should be directed to our Customer Support services at 1-800-711-6617 ext. 102/130 or e-mailed to: customerservice@topinnovations.com Should there be any missing or defective parts or accessories, contact Customer Support. In most cases, it is not necessary to return the entire unit. We can ship most parts directly to your door. To ensure prompt and accurate service, call for a Return Authorization number before returning any unit to Top Innovations. Failure to obtain a Return Authorization number will cause a delay in warranty or out-ofwarranty service requests. DETATCH ORDER FORM HERE MODEL SF-465 ACCESSORY ORDER FORM PART PART DESCRIPTION PRICE QTY. TOTAL (+ $3.99 S&H) A465-001 Lint Remover $6.99 A465-002 Fabric Brush $6.99 A465-015 Replaceable Water Filter $2.99 A-465-K1 SF-465 Accessory Kit* $34.99 *For more information on the SF-465 Accessory Kit, please visit Method of Payment (no C.O.D. orders) Check or Money Order (payable to Top Innovations) Charge to my VISA MASTERCARD ACCOUNT NUMBER EXPIRATION DATE SIGNATURE: ____________________________________________ NAME: __________________________________________________ MAILING ADDRESS: _____________________________________ TELEPHONE: ____________________________________________ TO ORDER: BY MAIL Fill out this form and return to address on back of this manual BY PHONE (800) 711-6617 EXT. # 102/130 BY FAX (816) 584-9066 3 IMPORTANT SAFETY GUIDELINES Basic safety precautions should be used when using any electrical appliance. Please read all of the following instructions before using your SF-465 QuickSteamTM Professional in order to reduce risk of fire, electric shock, or other injuries. 1. DO NOT leave your SF-465 QuickSteamTM Professional unattended when plugged in or not in use. 2. This unit is not a toy. Close supervision is required when using unit near children, pets, and plants. Steam produced by it is hot and pressurized. Care must be taken to avoid burns or other injuries. Never point nozzle at pets or people. 3. Always unplug electrical cord when unit is not in use. DO NOT use this unit if electrical cord or outlet is damaged. DO NOT use unit if it is not working properly or has been dropped, damaged, or left outdoors. If such damage occurs, return unit to an approved service technician for repair. 4. This unit is an electrical appliance. DO NOT submerge it in water. DO NOT use steam hose or electrical cord as a handle. DO NOT allow cord to be crimped by closing it in doors or allowing the unit to roll over it. DO NOT pull or stretch cord around sharp corners or edges. Be sure to keep electrical cord away from all heated surfaces. 5. DO NOT use this unit with electrical cords or outlets that have inadequate current capacity. A three-prong outlet or a properly grounded adapter is necessary when using SF-465 QuickSteamTM Professional. 6. In order to unplug SF-465 QuickSteamTM Professional, grasp plug and pull smoothly and firmly from outlet. DO NOT attempt to unplug unit by pulling or tugging on cord. 7. Always keep steam nozzle elevated above water container. DO NOT lay hose on floor. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS! FOR HOUSEHOLD USE ONLY IMPORTANT SAFETY GUIDELINES CAUTION: To reduce risk of electric shock and injury, connect to properly grounded electrical outlets only. CAUTION: DO NOT immerse in water. This unit is NOT intended for space heating purposes. Use with base or wall receptacles only. 8. DO NOT handle or use this unit while hands are wet or when not wearing shoes. To avoid falls and other injuries, be sure to dry any wet areas on floors and to stand away from damp surfaces while using steam cleaner. 9. SF-465 QuickSteamTM Professional is only meant to be used with recommended SF-465 accessories. Other types of attachments such as those used with vacuum cleaners are not to be used with QuickSteamTM Professional. Doing so may cause injuries or damage to unit. 10. Nozzles and attachments become hot during use. To avoid injuries, DO NOT touch nozzles while using this appliance. DO NOT attempt to change attachments while Steam Trigger is depressed. 11. DO NOT turn unit on its side when in use. 12. When filling your QuickSteamTM Professional with water, DO NOT overfill Water Tank. 13. When Water Tank is empty, always take the following steps: (1) Turn appliance off (2) Unplug electrical cord Failure to follow these steps may result in electric shock and injury. 14. Only water should be used in unit. Other cleaning agents will damage unit and can cause injuries. 15. DO NOT operate unit if steam opening is blocked. Should this occur, shut unit off and unplug. 16. Store your SF-465 QuickSteamTM Professional in a cool, dry place. Allow unit to cool completely, and empty before storage. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS! FOR HOUSEHOLD US...

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