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Инструкция по эксплуатации Groupe SEB USA - T-FAL, модель Steam Generator GV6500

Производитель: Groupe SEB USA - T-FAL
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1. Press the on/off switch and disconnect the generator from the mains. 2. Slowly unscrew the boiler cap. 3. Using a water jug, fill with maximum one 1/2 litre of water. 4. Fill the boiler, taking care that the water does not spill over. If this occurs, remove the excess water. Replace the boiler cap, screwing on tightly, reconnect your generator to the mains, and switch it on. 5.Wait until the boiler heats up (about 4 minutes). The generator and the iron are ready to use when both the iron’s thermostat light and the steam indicator go out. 2- LOCKING SYSTEM FOR RETAINING THE IRON ON THE BASE Your steam generator is fitted with a system for retaining the iron on its casing. • Locking hoop for retaining iron for ease of carriage. • Hoop release button to free the iron for use. 1. To carry your steam generator by the iron handle: - place the iron on the iron rest of the generator and raise the retaining hoop over the iron until it locks into place (audible click) (1). - grasp the handle of the iron to carry your steam generator (2). 2. Place your steam generator on a stable, horizontal heat-resistant surface. 3. Check that your appliance is disconnected and cold. 4. Unscrew the boiler cap. 5. Using a water jug, fill with maximum 1/2 litre of water. 6. Fill the boiler, taking care that the water does not spill over (3). If this occurs, remove the excess water. 7. Replace the boiler cap, screwing on tightly. 3- PREPARING YOUR STEAM GENERATOR English 016806 - 14/05 Please read these instructions carefully and keep them to hand PRO MINUTE Iron rest Iron retaining hoop Retaining hoop release button Illuminated on/off switch O/I Thermostat light Steam control button Boiler cap Steam cord fastener clip Boiler Steam indicator (inside the base-unit) 8- MAINTAINING YOUR STEAM GENERATOR • Before cleaning, ensure that your steam generator is unplugged and that the soleplate and the iron rest have cooled down. • Do not use detergent or descaling products for cleaning the soleplate or the base unit. • Never hold the iron or the base unit under the tap. • Do not place the iron on a metal rest as this could damage it. Place it on the iron-rest on the base unit : it has non-slip pads and has been designed to withstand high temperatures. The iron soleplate : Regularly clean the soleplate with a damp, non-metallic washing up pad. The base unit : Clean the plastic parts of the appliance occasionally with a soft cloth. 7. FILLING THE BOILER WHILE IN USE (when the boiler is empty) 6- VERTICAL STEAM IRONING 1. Set the iron temperature control slide to the MAX position. 2. Hang the garment on a coat hanger and hold the fabric slightly taut with one hand. As steam is very hot, never attempt to remove creases from a garment while it is being worn, always hang garment on a coat hanger. 3. Holding the iron in a vertical position, tilted slightly forwards, press repeatedly on the steam control button (on the iron handle) moving the iron from top to bottom (8). Recommendations : for fabrics other than linen or cotton, hold the iron a few centimetres from the garment to avoid burning the fabric. (8) 5- USING YOUR STEAM GENERATOR 1. Place the iron’s temperature control slide according to the type of fabric to be ironed (6). 2.The thermostat light comes on. Be careful : The steam generator and the iron are ready to use when both the iron’s thermostat and the steam indicator go out. To obtain steam, press on the steam control button on the iron handle (7). The steam will stop when you release the button. It is recommended that you start with fabrics to be ironed at a low temperature : synthetics (.). For delicate fabrics (.), press the steam control button (on the handle of the iron) intermittently to avoid possible water droplets appearing with the steam. SETTING THE TEMPERATURE CONTROL SLIDE ACCORDING TOTYPE OF FABRIC TO BE IRONED Type of fabric Linen Cotton ••• Wool Silk, Viscose •• Synthetic, Polyester,Acetate, Acrylic, Polyamide • Setting temperature control slide (6) (7) 4- USING YOUR STEAM GENERATOR 1. Press the release button to lower the iron retaining hoop (4). 2. Connect your generator to an earthed socket. 2. Press the On/Off switch O/I. The steam indicator turns on and the boiler heats up. When the indicator goes out (after about 4 minutes), steam is ready (5). During ironing the iron’s thermostat light and the steam indicator will go on and off according to the temperature control. Be careful : The first time the appliance is used, there may be some fumes and smell but this is not harmful.They will not affect use and will disappear rapidly. (4) (5) (1) (2) (3) Temperature control slide for the iron Type of water to use ? Your steam generator has been designed to operate using untreated tap water. If your water is very hard, mix it 50 % untreated tap water with 50 % distilled water. Types of water to be avoided ? Do not use water from clothes dryers, scented water, water from refrigerators, water from air conditioners or rain wat...

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