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Инструкция по эксплуатации Toshiba, модель XIDF-038A

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It is intended to provide the reader with the knowledge of how to integrate this product within DICOM compliant equipments. It details the DICOM Service Classes, Information Objects, and Application Profiles which are supported by this product. If the reader is unfamiliar with DICOM, it is recommended that they read the DICOM Specification (referenced below) prior to reading this conformance statement. Also note that this document is formatted according to the DICOM Specification, Part 2: Conformance. 1.1 References • ACR-NEMA Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine, DICOM V3.0. 1.2 Definitions • Information Object Definition (IOD) - An IOD is a data model which is an abstraction of real-world information. This data model defines the nature and attributes relevant to the class of real-world objects represented. • Service/Object Pair (SOP) Class - A SOP Class is defined by the union of an Information Object Definition and a set of DIMSE Services. A DICOM Application Entity may support one or more SOP Classes. Each SOP Class is uniquely identified by a SOP Class UID. • SOP Instance - A specific occurrence of a Information Object. • Transfer Syntax - The Transfer Syntax is a set of encoding rules that allow DICOM Application Entities to negotiate the encoding techniques (e.g. data element structure, byte ordering, compression) they are able to support. • Unique Identifier (UID) - A Unique Identifier is a globally unique, ISO compliant, ASCII-numeric string. It guarantees uniqueness across multiple countries, sites, vendors and equipment. 1.3 Acronyms, Abbreviations and Symbols • ACC American College of Cardiology • ACR American College of Radiology • ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange • AE Application Entity • ANSI American National Standards Institute • AP Application Profile • CEN TC251 Comite Europeen de Normalisation - Technical Committee 251 - Medical Informatics • DICOM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine • FSC File-set Creator • FSR File-set Reader • FSU File-set Updater • IOD Information Object Definition • ISO International Standards Organization • JIRA Japan Industries Association of Radiological Systems • NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association • RWA Real-World Activity • SOP Service-Object Pair • UID Unique Identifier 2 Implementation Model 2.1 Application Data Flow Diagram Transfer ofX-rayExaminationDICOMRecordingCD-RMediumReview ofX-rayExaminationDICOMReaderLegendApplication EntityLocal Real-World ActivityFile-set Creator (FSC) File-set Reader (FSR) Local RelationshipFigure 1 2.2 Functional Definitions of AE's 2.2.1 DICOM Recording The DICOM Recording supports the following tasks: • Builds DICOM XA Information Objects. • Creates a DICOMDIR file that represents the contents of DICOM XA Information Objects to be recorded. • Records DICOM XA Information Objects and DICOMDIR from the local storage to the CD-R media. • Duplicates the File-set of the CD-R media or the local storage onto the blank CD-R media. 2.2.2 DICOM Reader The DICOM Reader supports the following tasks: • Reads the DICOMDIR file that represents the contents of the data as recorded. • Displays the ordered list of patient and image identifying information or icon images. • Reads the selected image SOP instance from the CD-R media and displays it on the monitor of the DICOM Reader. • Reads the File-set of the CD-R media and writes it onto the local storage of DICOM Reader. 2.3 Sequencing of Real World Activities 2.3.1 Features Transfer of X-ray Examination .. Operator requests to transfer images to the local storage after selecting the transferred images from the Patient List or from the Image List. .. Operator requests to record the images of the local storage onto the CD-R media after transferring all data that are to be recorded. .. When the size of images exceeds the capacity of a single CD-R, the request of transferring images is canceled. .. Each CD-R media has a DICOMDIR file that represents the contents of the data as recorded. .. Operator can request to duplicate the CD-R media from the recorded CD-R media to the blank CD-R media Review of X-ray Examination .. Operator inserts the CD-R media to be read. .. Operator requests to display the list of images or the catalog of icon images that are recorded on the CD-R media. .. Operator selects one image from the list or from the thumbnail images and requests to review the image from the CD-R media. .. Operator can request to read images from the CD-R media onto the local storage and then operator can request to review the image from the local storage. .. Operator can request to delete the images on the local storage. .. The images on the local storage remain after being recorded onto the CD-R media, so operators can display these images from the local storage also. 2.3.2 Operation Transfer of X-ray Examination .. The operation for manual transfer of X-ray examination is described below: STEP-1: Select the im...

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