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Инструкция по эксплуатации Crown Equipment, модель Series WB

Производитель: Crown Equipment
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Contact dealer. **Includes 48" high load backrest. Series WB Technical Information Series WB Technical Information Model 20WB: 2000 lb at 24" load center. Model 30WB: 3000 lb at 24" load center. Model 40WB: 4000 lb at 24" load center. Maximum Battery Size 31.75" wide x 13.12" long x 23.25" high. Batteries Up to 600 amp hour capacity available. 24 volt electrical system. The 20WB, 30WB, and 40WB must have a battery weighing 975 lbs or more. Travel Speeds In third speed: Loaded, 2.5 mph; Empty, 3.0 mph. These speeds are average for all Walkie Counterbalanced trucks. For safety, third speed is automatically shut off when forks reach 68" on WBTL models, or when forks extend above free lift on WBTF and WBTT models. Lifting/Lowering Speeds (fpm) Empty (E), Loaded (L) Lifting Speed Lowering Speed Models E L E L 20WBTF 64 27 30 26 20WBTL 64 38 50 42 30WBTF 55 26 50 27 30WBTL 56 34 50 40 30WBTT 46 30 23 36 40WBTF 44 24 20 23 40WBTL 44 25 20 25 40WBTT 44 23 20 26 Wheels and Tires Polyurethane Drive Tire - 13" dia x 4.5" wide x 8" dia hub. Rubber Drive Tire - 13.5" dia x 5.5" wide x 8" dia hub. Load Wheels - 10" dia x 4" wide x 6.5" dia hub. 40WB load wheels are 5" wide. Polyurethane load wheels on 30WB and 40WB, rubber power saver compound standard on 20WB models. Forks Fork carriage standard ITA Class II hook type mounting. Fork lengths - 30", 36", 42" and 48". Fork spread - adjustable 33" maximum, 8" minimum. The Momentum symbols are a trademark of Crown Equipment Corporation. SF14107 Rev. 6/03 Hydraulic System Standard equipment includes: 1. Heavy duty motor and gear pump assembled as an integral unit. 2. Spool-type hydraulic control valve with built-in check and relief valve for efficient overload protection of lift and tilt circuits. 3. Pressure compensating flow control valve at base of lift cylinder regulates maximum lowering speed. 4. Lift cylinder diameters vary, and are designed to maintain optimum hydraulic pressure depending on capacity of truck. All WBTF and WBTT models are equipped with a three cylinder cluster to provide full free lift. 5. A conveniently located raise/lower lever is standard equipment. This throttle permits infinite control. Push button raise/lower controls can be installed in control handle as optional equipment. 6. Fixed flow control at side of tilt cylinder regulates maximum tilt speed. 7. Two double acting piston-type tilt cylinders. 8. A conveniently located lever for forward or backward tilt activation is standard. This throttle permits infinite control of tilt functions. Electrical System Standard equipment includes: 1. 24 volt electrical system. 2. Series wound high torque .85 hp drive motor. 3. Series wound high torque 5 hp lift motor. 4. Heavy duty pump contactor with replaceable tips. 5. Four heavy duty travel speed contactors. A solid-state time relay provides controlled acceleration between 2nd and 3rd speed. 6. Fused control and power circuits. 7. Color coded wiring for ease of service. 8. Key switch. 9. Power disconnect lever. Drive Unit Gear drive from motor to drive wheel axle. The gear train is mounted on ball and tapered roller bearings, and operates in an oil-filled, sealed housing. Brake Internal expanding mechanical brake with 5" drum and bonded brake linings. Brake is applied when control handle is within 15° of full vertical or full horizontal position. Power Unit Structure Access panel permits easy entry to all electric and hydraulic components. Lift Structure Outer and inner masts constructed of hot rolled carbon steel I-beam. Telescoping mast section nests in main upright to provide better visibility for operator. Carriage Rollers Alloy steel rollers contoured to fit mast are equipped with sealed ball bearings. Control Handle Control handle has dual twist- grips which control three speeds forward and reverse. Twist-grips return to neutral when released. The handle contains a large safety button which reverses the direction of the truck should the button touch the operator. A large horn button is standard equipment, as is a third speed cutoff switch. Safety Switches 1. Third speed switch in control handle may be used to shut off high speed when operating in congested areas. 2. Limit switch automatically reduces maximum travel speed immediately upon extension of second and third stages on WBTF and WBTT models, and when forks extend above 68" on WBTL models. 3. Reversing button on control handle reverses direction of travel when actuated by the operator. C Optional Equipment and Modifications 1. Transistor speed control. 2. Raise and lower control on retractable cord. 3. Hour meter. 4. Higher lifting heights. 5. Additional counterweight, when smaller batteries are used. 6. One-or two spool auxiliary valves for controlling various hydraulic attachments. 7. Special attachment-sideshifter, drum handling equipment, paper roll clamp. For other special attachments, consult dealer. 8. Discharge indicator. Other Options 1. Audible Travel Alarm. 2. Flashing Lights. Safet...

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