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Инструкция по эксплуатации New Balance, модель 1400

Производитель: New Balance
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Worn or damaged components should be replaced immediately. Do not use the Treadmill if it is not working properly. Only manufactured-supplied or approved components shall be used to maintain and repair the Treadmill. It is the sole responsibility of the user/owner to ensure that regular maintenance is performed. WALKING BELT TENSION Walking Belts tend to stretch slightly with use. The Walking Belt may occasionally need to be tightened. If the Walking Belt is too loose, you may find the Belt stops or hesitates while running or walking. However, it is very important not to over-tighten the Walking Belt as it will damage the Motor, Rollers, and Electrical Components. When properly tensioned, you should be able to lift the side of the Belt about 2-3 inches, or you should be able to fit three fingers under the edge of the Belt. This should be done on either side of the Belt in the center of the Deck. To tighten the Belt, with the Treadmill off, turn the Left Knob at the end of the Treadmill one full turn clockwise, and then turn the Right Knob one full belt foot rail sight index (preset at 2) TAKING CARE OF YOUR TREADMILL WALKING BELT AND DECK LUBRICATION Your Treadmill Belt has been lubricated at the factory, but periodic lubrication will extend the life of your Treadmill Belt, Board, and Electrical Components.We recommend the following lubrication schedule based on weekly usage: 5+ hours per week Monthly 3 - 5 hours per week Every three months 0 - 3 hours per week Every six months LUBRICATION APPLICATION 1. Put a liberal quantity of lubricant onto foam side of the Applicator Wand. Apply lubricant evenly across the foam pad. 2. Insert the Applicator Wand into the lubrication port on the right hand side of the Treadmill, under the Walking Belt with the lubricated side of the Applicator Wand up, against the Belt. Slide it completely across the Walking Deck into the lubrication port on the left side of the Treadmill. NOTE: Make sure the Applicator Wand is securely in the left side lubrication port. 3. Start the Treadmill Belt and set the speed at 1.0 mph. Let the Belt run for about 45 seconds in order to spread the lubrication on the underneath side of the belt. 4. Place Applicator Wand in plastic sleeve to retain moisture. 14 WARNING: Always turn off and unplug the Treadmill from the electrical outlet before cleaning, lubricating, or servicing the Treadmill. CLEANING Keeping the Treadmill clean will prolong the life of the Treadmill and improve performance. Regularly dust the unit, especially the exposed part of the Deck between the Belt and the Side Rails. For best performance,we recommend your Treadmill be placed on a Treadmill Mat. A Treadmill Mat will help to keep dust debris away from your Treadmill's electrical components. Clean the top of the Belt with a damp cloth. Be careful to keep liquid away from inside the frame or underneath the Belt. At least once a year remove the Motor Cover and vacuum under the Motor Cover. To remove the cover: After turning off and unplugging the Treadmill, loosen the screws (you do not have to remove the screws) on each side (2) and in the front (2) of the Motor Cover and carefully lift the cover off. Be careful, especially around the wiring on the lower board. WARNING: Always turn off and unplug the Treadmill from the electrical outlet before removing the Motor Cover. power cord screw (2) screw (2 each side) motor cover motor cover on/off switch safety switch foam pad lubrication port RIGHT SIDE LEFT SIDE applicator wand applicator wand 15 Electronics Operating Instructions For Your Treadmill 1200 1400/1500 SAFETY TIPS: • Practice mounting and dismounting your Treadmill before beginning your workout. • Attach the Safety Key to the Computer (the Treadmill will not operate without the Safety Key). Clip the other end of the Safety Key to your clothing before exercising to ensure the Treadmill will stop if the user accidentally walks off the Treadmill. • If the user falls off the Treadmill, the Safety Key will come off the Computer and the Treadmill will stop at once to avoid further injury. • Do not stand on the Walking Belt while starting the Treadmill. Straddle the Belt and stand on the plastic Foot Rails. • The Treadmill will start at 0.5mph after a 3,2,1 countdown. If you are a new user, stay at a slow speed and hold onto the Hand Grips until you become comfortable. 16 SPEEDQUICK KEYS1-10 MPHPressing these keysgradually changesthe SPEED tothat value. POWER KEYPressing this keybrings power tothe Treadmill andmust be pressedbefore anyother key. ENTERPressing this confirms the selectionof a program. Also confirms thespeed and incline values duringthe setting of a user program. SELECTDisplays the presetor user programs.Also will display the elevationand elevation gain valuesfor three seconds during workout. When power is off, press for2 seconds to change frommiles to kilometers. PROGRAM KEYS INCLINEQUICK KEYS1-12 % Pressing these keysslowly changesthe Incline tothat value. SAFET...

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