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Инструкция по эксплуатации LifeSpan, модель EL3000i

Производитель: LifeSpan
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Make sure that they are properly aligned and that no pins are bent when connecting. D. Replace lock washers and hand tighten all four screws and then securely tighten with the Allen Wrench supplied. LifeSpan Step 2: Attach Plastic Covers A. Locate the plastic covers (6), (7), (8) and (9). Remove the assembly screws from the left side cover (6) and the 4 assembly screws (B) from the frame. B. Place the Left Cover (6) through the left side handlebar pivot and then repeat on the right side (7). First attach the left and right sides together with the 2 Phillips Head screws (B) that were removed from the left side cover (6). C. Now attach the plastics covers to the frame by replacing the 4 Phillips Head screws (B) that were removed from the frame. Once all the screws are started, securely tighten. D. Remove the 4 screws (C) from the left and right cover that attach the storage tray in place. Place the storage tray plastic cover (8) in place and secure the 4 Phillips Head screws (C). E. Snap the front cover (9) in place. Fold down both of the center base extensions (I). Locate 4 Phillips Head Screws (J) from the hardware bag and secure one on each side of the left center base extension. Repeat on the right side. ^ EL2000 / EL3000i Step 3: Attach Right and Left Side Handlebars Natural fit Elliptical A. Remove the attachment screw and washer that is pre-installed on the handlebar pivot axle. B. Locate the Upper Left Handlebar (10) and insert the bearing carefully over the left side pivot axle. C. Place lock washer (H) and washer (D) onto Allen Screw (A) then screw into pivot axle. D. Align the bracket at the bottom of the Upper Left Handlebar with the hole in the top of linkage (11). E. Place a washer over screw (F) and insert through the holes in the bracket at the bottom of the handlebar and the hole in the top of the linkage (11). Place a washer at the end of screw (F) 23 LifeSpan Step 4: Attach Miscellaneous Plastics A. Locate the handlebar pivot covers (14) and (15). B. Align them over the pivot joint and press together so they snap in place. Repeat on the opposite side. C. Locate lower handlebar joint covers (16) and (17). D. Align them over the lower joint and press together so they snap in place. Repeat on the opposite side. Display Console Overview EL2000 / EL3000i Natural FIT Elliptical EL2000 1. PreHAV to Sfllect Progran 2. Pr**9ATl99»tU»v«l 4. PlW» AT to nt US« 5. Piwm START to bflflïl LifeSpan Natural FIT Elliptical SHOPi imm 5 PE ED TARGET - 10010 *000 CAL DIST [] ßßßß j STEPS *—> WAITS gU ¿>0-00 1 0 EL3000i ( START■ I Pauae ■ R enter on Console Buttons The EL2000 and EL3000i come with our innovative Intelli-key feature that will prompt you through console operations by using intelligent lights on the buttons that automatically flash when they need to be pressed to continue operations. Quickstart: Press the START button to begin a Manual workout without having to set any individual information. When the program begins your workout time will start counting up from 00:00 and you can manually adjust the resistance using the UP and Down arrows. Pause: If you need to temporarily stop your workout, press the START button to PAUSE. To RESTART the workout, press the START button. After 5 minutes the console will reset. Reset: To reset the console, press the START button for 3 seconds. Enter: The ENTER button is used to Select each piece of information needed during program setup including Program, Workout Level, Workout Time, and Your Weight, which is used to more accurately calculate calories burned. If you do not enter a Weight the system will use 150 lbs to calculate calories burned. Arrows: These buttons are used to modify the value of each selection entered during the set up process and to change the workout resistance during use. Program Buttons: The EL2000 and EL3000Î both have Program Group buttons. These are designed to help you easily add variety to your exercise program while staying consistent with your exercise goals. To quickly select a specific program that matches your workout objective use one of the program buttons. These 5 buttons group the programs into Heart Rate Training, Healthy Living, Sports Training, Weight Loss and Custom User Programs. Depending on which button you select, there are multiple programs in each. To look at the next program within each group just press the Program Group button again to scroll to the next option. Quick Resistance Buttons: The EL3000Î comes with 4 quick change resistance buttons that allow you to select resistance level 4,8,12 or 16 without scrolling. If you are using a preset program you can also use these buttons to adjust the entire profile of the program, making the program easier or more difficult to complete. 25 SH OP! ItimHL SPEI № CA 888 ■HR iRGET* iee DIST 00 U "*hekhtSSSot Kg=;088**088 ¿088 88/88 STEF 888 ¡8 ™E cPO.'OO 8i 1) Life Span Display Console Overview SHOffT INTEPI'HL ...

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