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Инструкция по эксплуатации LifeCore Fitness, модель LC-990

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We know, as we have been making them for over 10 years. By choosing ELLIPTICAL TRAINER, you have made a decision that will improve the health and fitness and well being for you and your family. Being fit and healthy will improve your energy levels and your quality of life. Cardiovascular training is vital for all ages and the ELLIPTICAL TRAINER provides a more effective workout, producing better results and will encourage you to reach your fitness goals and maintain the body you have always wanted. All you need to do is to spend 15 to 30 minutes three times a week to start seeing the benefits of a regular exercise program on the ELLIPTICAL TRAINER. We want you to enjoy the full benefits of your exercise program and so we recommend that you read this manual thoroughly and by doing so you will: . Save valuable exercise time in the long run. . Exercise safely and more effectively. . Learn proper techniques. . Be able to better define your fitness goals. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page No. 4 Care and Maintenance of your LC-990 ELLIPTICAL 13~14 COMPUTER BC-6880 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 11~12 COMPUTER SM-5062 & SR-5066 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 9 Correct Position 6 Dual Action Arm Height Adjustment 8~10 ELLIPTICAL TRAINER EXERCISES 5 LC-990 ELLIPTICAL TRAINER PARTS IDENTIFICATION 16 LC-990 ELLIPTICAL TRAINER WARRANTY 7 Feet Position 6 Foot Pedal Adjustment 4 General Information 8 Getting on Safely 7 Handle Bars 6 Height Adjuster Cap 5 HOW YOUR LC-990 ELLIPTICAL TRAINER WORKS 4 IMPORTANT INFORMATION 3 INTRODUCTION 4 Medical / Safety 6~7 SETTING UP YOUR LC-990 ELLIPTICAL TRAINER 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS 7 Wheeling & Storage See ELLIPTICAL TRAINER ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS for Parts List and Exploded Drawing. 3 IMPORTANT INFORMATION - PLEASE READ Failure to read and follow the safety instructions below may result in serious injury or even death. Medical / Safety Read the Owner's Manual and all safety instructions thoroughly and familiarize yourself with the ELLIPTICAL TRAINER before using it. 1. Before beginning any exercise program, consult your physician. He or she can help evaluate your present fitness level and determine the exercise program that is the most appropriate for your age and physical condition. 2. If you experience any pain or tightness in your chest, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, faintness, or unusual discomfort upon exercising, stop and consult a physician before continuing. Adult supervision is required at all times 3. when children are on or near the ELLIPTICAL TRAINER. Unsupervised children should keep away from the equipment at all times. Keep fingers and limbs, loose clothing and 4. hair away from moving parts. Before each workout on your ELLIPTICAL 5. TRAINER we advise that a Precautionary Safety Check is wise. All equipment should be Safety Checked for wear & damage. If you find any damage or defective components STOP using the ELLIPTICAL TRAINER IMMEDIATELY. Replace defective components immediately and/or keep the equipment out of use until repaired. For repair help - see General Information on this page. 6. Care should be taken when getting on or off this or any exercise equipment. Please follow the Manual Instructions on page 8 7. Use only the accessory attachments recommended by the manufacturer. Care and Maintenance Your ELLIPTICAL TRAINER is made of the highest quality materials, it is still important that you take care of your ELLIPTICAL TRAINER on a regular basis. Your ELLIPTICAL TRAINER is for indoor use only and should NOT be used or stored in damp areas. Wipe all perspiration from your ELLIPTICAL TRAINER after each use. For SAFETY inspect your ELLIPTICAL TRAINER on a regular basis, we suggest every 2~3 weeks. SPECIAL ATTENTION TO COMPONENTS MOST SUSCEPTIBLE TO WEAR Dual Action Handle Bar [part#9,10,69,70,71] These parts are assembled by the consumer and should be checked regularly. Make sure that all Nut & Bolts are tight and firm. Stationary Handle Bar [part#78,80] These parts are assembled by the consumer and should be checked regularly. Make sure that all Bolts are tight and firm. Foot Pedals [part#42] These parts are assembled by the consumer and should be checked regularly. Make sure that all Knobs or Bolts are tight and firm. Base Tubes [part#5,6,58] These parts are assembled by the consumer and should be checked regularly. Make sure that all Bolts are tight and firm. The 3x Pivot Points [part#3,4,7,15,65,67,72] All Pivot Points are a special design, incorporating a space age plastic with lubricate built inside. The Pivot Points are also pre- greased by the Manufacturer & will last for a lifetime under normal use. If you wish to grease the 3x Pivot Points, use a good quality grease that is friendly to plastic (some grease destroys plastic). Disconnect the Foot Pedal Tube [7] the Dual Action Arms [3 & 4] Grease the moving parts & reassemble. All Fasteners [Nuts, Bolts & Screws] Regularly check tightness of nuts, bolts, and pins, etc. General Information The ELLIPTICAL TRAINER is designe...

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