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Инструкция по эксплуатации Omron, модель V400-H111

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¦ Status Display . Port status Indicates the port status. (On Line: Connected; Off Line: Disconnected) . Communication conditions Displays the current communications conditions. (Example: COM1 9600,n,8,1) This is not displayed when the port is disconnected. . Date Displays the current date. (Example: 2005/01/26) . Time Displays the current time. (Example: 9:27) V400-H111/211 User’s Manual 62 Section 4 System Settings Creating Setting Files Using the 2DCR Configear Creates the data setting file for loading set data to the Handheld 2D Code Reader. Make the settings for the communications conditions, functions, and display conversion. ..Select Setting Reader - Create Data... from the menu. The following window for creating the setting data file will be displayed. ¦ Model(V) Selects the code reader model. Before setting other items, select the model of the code reader you are using. ¦ Open Opens the previously created data setting file for editing. The [Receive (R)] function can be used to open the data file downloaded from the Code Reader and edit it. ¦ Save Saves the created data setting file. To save data to the Memory Card, create a folder with the name SETTINGS, and save. If the data is saved to a folder other than “SETTINGS”, it cannot be uploaded. p.53 Section Creating Setting Files 2DCR V400-H111/211 User’s Manual 63 Section 4 System Settings Communication Settings The settings shown in the following table are set in the [Communication Settings] tab Page in the Create Setting Data Window. Setting item Settings Baud Rate 9,600*, 19,200, or 38,400 Parity None*, odd, or even Data Length 77 bits or 8 bits* Stop Bit 1 bit* or 2 bits Header/Footer Prefix None*, 02 , or 1B Suffix ETX, 0A LF, 0D CR*, or 0D0A CR+LF FCS ON or OFF* The default settings are indicated with an asterisk. The format when FCS is ON is as follows: For details on FCS calculation methods, refer to FCS Calculation Method. p.85 Section 4 Creating Setting Files Using the 2DCR Configear V400-H111/211 User’s Manual 64 Section 4 System Settings Function Settings Make the following settings in the [Function Settings] tab of the Create Setting Data Window. Setting item Settings Trigger Mode Level Trigger*or Alternate Buzzer ON* or OFF Sleep Shift Time Between 30 sec* and 120 sec NG output (N) ON or OFF* Data Accumulation OFF* or ON Display(Y) Normal*/Mode A/Mode B/Mode C Lighting (H) V400-H111 Auto*/Oblique/R-coax/G-coax/B-coax V400-H211 Auto*/Oblique/Coaxial The default settings are indicated with an asterisk. ¦ Data Accumulation Set whether to collect data. The Memory Card must be inserted in the Handheld 2D Code Reader to use this function. When this function is ON, read data will be saved in a file with the following name in the Memory Card’s READDATA folder. The READDATA folder will be automatically generated if it does not already exist. READ****.csv Note: The digits indicated by **** start at 0000 and increment by 1 for approximately each 40 kilobytes. After reading is completed, the data is written to the Memory Card, which will take several seconds. Section Creating Setting Files 2DCR V400-H111/211 User’s Manual 65 Section 4 System Settings When Appending at date is selected, the date and time will be added to the read data. Example of Saved File Section 4 Creating Setting Files Using the 2DCR Configear V400-H111/211 User’s Manual 66 Section 4 System Settings Data Conversion on Display Click the [Data Conversion on Display] tab in the Create Setting Data Window to convert a CSV file for display. ¦ Setting Method 1. Create the CSV file for the display conversion function. To use this function, CSV files for display conversion must be created using separate spreadsheet software or a text editor for the personal computer. The following formatting restrictions apply. File: CSV format (comma delimited) Maximum No. of records: 1000 Maximum No. of comparison characters: 20 Maximum No. of conversion characters: 19 Comment row: Add a semicolon (;) to the beginning of the row. Enter comparison text and conversion text in each row. The symbols and text in the following table function as special characters with specific meanings. Creating Setting Files 2DCR Symbol Name Details * Wild card Any data OK !a Alphabet Any lower-case character OK !A Alphabet Any upper-case character OK !n Numeric value Any numeral OK ELSE Condition for no match Enter at end. Section V400-H111/211 User’s Manual 67 Section 4 System Settings Section 4 Creating Setting Files Using the 2DCR Configear Comparison Principle With display conversion, comparison is performed with the data contained in the file, and the display contents is changed to the registered text strings for characters that match. Matching processing is performed in order starting from the beginning of the file. Once a match is found, no further comparisons are made, i.e., matching processing is affected by the entry order. Therefore, when comparing complicated patterns, make sure that the optimum ord...

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