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Инструкция по эксплуатации Mio, модель Select Petite

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The straps are designed to be changed without the use of any tools. Select your strap by following the instructions below. FOR REMOVING MODULE FROM STRAP 1. Hold watch loosely in one hand by placing your index fingers on the back plate of the watch and your thumb on the front lens of the watch. Ensure you are holding the unit by the module only and not by the straps. 2. Using the opposite hand, place your thumb on the plastic strap above your other thumb. Ensure your thumb is only pressing on the plastic, not on the watch face itself. Squeeze the strap above the watch module face with your fingers. 3. Pull your top hand towards you while pushing forward with the thumb of your other hand on the face of the module. Pop the top of the module out of the strap. 4. While maintaining the same position of your hands, gently pull the strap away from each side of the module around the buttons. 5. Remove module from strap. FOR REPLACING MODULE IN STRAP 1. Hold the module of the watch on the fingers of one hand. Hold the strap in the other hand so that the clasp of the strap is at the top. 2. Place the empty strap across the watch module so you can see the display of the module through the straps. 3. Tilt the module so that the buttons on one side of the module are aiming toward the button holes on the inside of the strap. 4. Push the module in to the strap so that the buttons on the side of the module are through the button holes on the strap. Ensure the edge of the strap is snapped over that side of the back plate of the watch. 5. Stretch the other side of the strap over the face of the watch so that the buttons on the other side of the module fit through the holes in the side of the strap. 6. Turn the watch over so the display is facing away from you. Ensure that all of the edges of the strap are pulled over the back plate of the watch. The tabs of the strap at the top and bottom of the back of module must be pulled over the back of the module. 7. If there are any gaps between the module and the strap on the face of the watch, you may have to stretch out the watch strap by its two ends while pushing on the back of the module. Purchase new strap colors and styles online at miowatch.com!...

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