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Инструкция по эксплуатации Citizen Systems, модель CT461C

Производитель: Citizen Systems
Размер: 4.56 mb
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. . . . . Citizen Systems is reinventing itself. “Leading Technology for Humanity” — Our corporate slogan expresses the aspirations of every Citizen Systems employee, each of whom is striving to realize a shared ideal. We have superior miniaturization and refinement technologies cultivated by members of the Citizen Group. We have a desire to design products that are easy for anyone to use. And we have the skills required to pursue quality at every turn, combined with an unswerving commitment to manufacturing. We draw on these strengths to manufacture more advanced products for a wide range of fields, including health information management, information/entertainment and business information equipment. Our aim is to achieve advances in convenience, enabling people to lead more abundant and comfortable lives anytime and anywhere — and to disseminate people-friendly technologies and services that help individuals lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. “Leading Technology for Humanity” — We continue to take up new challenges with an eye on our customers and with these words in mind. Leading Technology UD(UNIVERSAL The design of products all people, to the greatest need for adaptation or specialized CITIZEN Health Care Products with the Universal Design concept Citizen Keyword of 21st Century Micro HumanTech Micro Citizen Technical Domain The precision and miniaturization technology that Citizen has developed in a long time; we use these technologies as nuclei, and always stick to the bases of production to make a contribution to the information revolution of 21st century in the field of precision and miniaturization. Human Citizen Technological Philosophy We provide products and develop technologies to communicate with people; the last consumer, and their healthy and hearty life, and to enable our life live together with the earth. We return to our establish basics known as customer principles in which our hope is to make a contribution to people's life in every where in the world by making products that is familiar and loved by citizens. Tech Citizen Technological Method The professionalism in production that supports the reliance of Citizen. We make a fusion for all technologies such as the precision processing technology, the measurement technology, energy saving technology and the production technology with beautiful and simple designs to create products that is reliable and fascinating. We have a strong belief that the technology fused with sense and knowledge will make people happy. Digital Blood Pressure Monitors Digital Thermometers Ultrasonic Nebulizer Digital Pedometer Body Fat Analyzer Model Index P3 P15 P19 P20 P20 P21 3 4 Digital Blood Pressure Monitors Digital Blood Pressure Monitors How to operate Slip the cuff around your left arm through so that the blue marker is located in the center of your arm. To wrap up the cuff, turn the dial clockwise until the click idles. Press the "START/STOP" switch to start measurement. Press the release...

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