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Инструкция по эксплуатации Mintek, модель HD-61Z585

Производитель: Mintek
Размер: 1.68 mb
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The contents are not deemed intense. . PG-13 – Parents Strongly Cautioned Parents with children under 13 are cautioned that the content of movies with this rating may include more explicit sexual, language, and violence content than movies rated PG. . R – Restricted These films contain material that is explicit in nature and is not recommended for unsupervised children under the age of 17. . NC-17 – No One Under 17 These movies contain content which most parents would feel is too adult for their children to view. Content can consist of strong language, nudity, violence, and suggestive or explicit subject matter. . X – No One under 18 Inappropriate material for anyone under 18. Directions to set Movie (MPAA) Ratings Press the MENU button .† To V-CHIP v® To operate (Lock icon appears) Press ZERO to access V-Chip setup options .† To SET MOVIE RATINGS v® To enter movies menu For example: To block viewing of X and NC-17 rated from shows: .†v® To the X Column Press the OK button to lock .†v® To the NC-17 Column SET MOVIE RATINGS SELECT OPERATE EXITMENU X NC17 R PG GPG13 NR OK Press the OK button to lock Press the MENU button to finish 38 Initial Setup Initial Setup Canadian V-Chip Ratings . E – Exempt Exempt programming includes: news, sports, documentaries and other information programming, talk shows, music videos, and variety programming. . C – Programming Intended for Children Violence Guidelines: There will be no realistic scenes of violence. Depictions of aggressive behavior will be infrequent and limited to portrayals that are clearly imaginary, comedic or unrealistic in nature. . C8+ – Programming Intended for Children 8 and Over Violence Guidelines: Any realistic depictions of violence will be infrequent, discreet, of low intensity and will show the consequences of the acts. There will be no offensive language, nudity or sexual content. . G – General Audience Programming will contain little violence and will be sensitive to themes which could affect younger children. . PG – Parental Guidance Programming intended for a general audience, but which may not be suitable for younger children. Parents may consider some content not appropriate for children aged 8-13. . 14+ – 14 Years and Older Parents are strongly cautioned to exercise discretion in permitting viewing by pre-teens and early teens. Programming may contain mature themes and scenes of intense violence. . 18+ – Adult Material intended for mature audiences only. Directions to set Canadian V-Chip Ratings Press the MENU button .† To V-CHIP v® To operate (lock icon appears) Press ZERO to access V-Chip setup options .† To SET CANADIAN RATINGS ENG (for English) v® To enter ratings menu For example: To block viewing of programming rated 14+ and 18+: To the 18+ Column Press the OK button to lock v v® ® To the 14+ Column Press the OK button to lock Press the MENU button to finish 14+18+ PG G CC8 SET CANADIAN RATINGS ENG SELECT OPERATE EXITMENUOK Note: • For instructions on “SET CANADIAN RATINGS FRE (in French)”, please see page 39 in the French side of this user’s guide. 39 Initial Setup Set Lock Code Initial Setup Set Lock Code Channel guard and V-Chip settings are protected by a four-digit lock code. Your TV comes preset with a lock code of “0000”. You may change the code to any four-digit number you wish. To change the lock code, follow the steps below. Press the MENU button .† To SET LOCK CODE v® To operate (lock icon appears) Press ZERO to access the lock code The first digit will be highlighted v® To select the number LOCK CODE SET LOCK CODE SELECT OPERATE EXITMENU PRESS TO FINISH 0000 OK .† To move to the next digit Continue to follow these directions for all four numbers Press the OK button to finish (your lock code is now set) Press the Menu button when finished When a viewer attempts to watch a blocked channel, this message appears: THIS PROGRAMMING EXCEEDS YOUR RATING LIMITS. PLEASE ENTER LOCK CODE BY 10 KEY PAD TO UNLOCK IT. NO. - - - - The channel will remain blocked until the correct lock code is entered (see above for information on setting your lock code). Notes: • After a power interruption you must reset the lock code. • Write your lock code number down and keep it hidden from potential viewers. • If you forget the lock code, a new code may be set using the steps listed above. 40 Initial Setup Initial Setup This function lets you preview the Dynamic Gamma demo. Press the MENU button .† To AUTO DEMO v® To turn AUTO DEMO ON or OFF Note: • To stop auto demo, press the MENU button, and select auto demo by pressing the .† buttons, and turn it OFF by pressing the v® buttons. Press the MENU button to finish. The language function is described on page 22 as the interactive plug-in menu. If you need to choose the language again, follow the steps below. Press the Menu button .† To LANGUAGE v® To choose a language: ENG. (English), FRAN. (French) or ESP. (Spanish) Press the MENU button when finished Auto Demo INITIAL SETUP PREVIOUS AUTO TUNER SETUP CHA...

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