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Инструкция по эксплуатации Vidikron, модель Vision 75

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Figure 3-13. Composite, S-Video and Component Video Connections RS-232 Controller . Connection Use the communication cable supplied with the projector to connect a PC or home theater control/automation system (if present) to the RS-232 port on the Vision 65/75; see Figure 3-14. For more information about using this connection, refer to Serial Communications on page 67. S-VID /S-VID123457896D-Sub 9-pin femaleRJ-11 MaleCommunication Cable, RJ-11 male toD-Sub 9-pin female1234YellowYellowRedRedBlackGreenGreenBlackRS-232 Adapter WiringD-Sub 9-pin female4-pin RJ-11Function22Transmit Data33Receive Data51, 4Ground1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9--Not Connected Figure 3-14. RS-232 Control System Connection Connecting 12-Volt Trigger Output to External Theater Equipment If you are installing a Vision 65/75/CineWide with AutoScope, use the cable supplied with the AutoScope Lens Motor to connect the motor to the 12-volt trigger output as shown in Figure 3-15. AutoScopeLens Motor (Rear) S-VID /S-VIDAC InputPowerSwitch3.5-mmmini plug Figure 3-15. Connecting the 12-Volt Trigger Output to the AutoScope Lens Motor If your home theater contains a retractable screen, screen mask or other 12-volt trigger-activated equipment, connect it to the 12-volt trigger output as shown in Figure 3-16. S-VID /S-VIDto other, 12-volttrigger-activated equipment(screen, screen mask etc.)Red = +12V (Tip) Black = Ground (Sleeve) 3.5-mmmini plug Figure 3-16. Connecting the 12-Volt Trigger Output to Other Equipment Connecting to . AC Power Projector: The Vision 65/75 ships with various types of AC power cords. Choose the one that is appropriate to your locale. Powerswitch Plug the female end of the power cord into the AC receptacle on the rear of the projector (AC 100V ~ 240V). Then, connect the other end to your AC power source. AutoScope Lens Motor: With AutoScope-equipped projectors, an additional power cord is provided for the lens motor. Plug the female end of the AC power cord into the AC input on the rear of the lens motor assembly. Connect the other end to a 110 VAC power source. Caution The input voltage to the AutoScope lens motor must be between 100 and 120 VAC. Do not connect the AutoScope lens motor to a 200-240 VAC power source! AutoScope Lens Motor (Rear) AC InputPowerSwitchto 110 VACPower 3.7 Turning on the Power 1.Turn on your source components. 2.If this is an AutoScope-equipped projector, turn on the main power switch at the rear of the AutoScope lens motor. The lens motor power switch is located next to the AC input (see above). 3.Turn on the main power switch at the rear of the projector. The POWER LED lights orange. The LAMP and TEMP LEDs light red briefly, then go out. 4.Press the ON button on the remote control to turn on the Vision 65/75. The POWER LED flashes green to indicate that it is warming up. 5.When the projector is ready for use, the POWER LED lights solid green. 6.“[Input Name] Source Searching” appears on the screen before the Vision 65/75 identifies the input signal and remains there until a valid signal is detected. 3.8 Primary Lens Adjustments The Vision 65/75 gives you a great deal of control over the picture size, position and focus. Focus and Zoom To focus the projected image, grasp the lens by the outer ring and rotate it. ZoominFocusZoomout To make the picture smaller (zoom out) or larger (zoom in), move the zoom tab in the appropriate direction. Vertical Lens Shift To shift the projected image vertically, press the LENS button, then press and hold the up or down-arrow ( , ) button. FOCUS LENSZOOMPIP ACT PIP + LENS 3.9 Changing the OSD Language The Vision 65/75 OSD language is initially set to English, but can also display the menus in French, Spanish, Italian or German. To change the OSD language: 1.Press MENU. 2.Select Installation from the Main Menu and press ENTER. 3.Select Language from the Installation Menu. 4.Press or to select the desired language. (The change takes effect immediately.) 3.10 Adjusting the Picture Orientation By default, the Vision 65/75 is configured for a “floor/front” installation, in which the projector is installed upright and in front of the screen. If it is installed behind the screen and/or mounted on a ceiling, you must change the picture orientation. To do this: 1.Press MENU on the remote control. 2.Select Installation from the Main Menu and press ENTER. 3.Select Orientation from the Installation Menu. 4.Choose Floor Rear, Ceiling Front or Ceiling Rear to match the installation method. 3.11 Installing and Adjusting the CineWide Anamorphic Lens If you are installing a CineWide-equipped projector, proceed as follows to install and adjust the anamorphic lens. Note It is extremely important that the primary lens is properly adjusted before you install the anamorphic lens. Ensure that the image from the primary lens is perfectly centered on the screen. Vidikron offers two types of anamorphic lenses for its CineWide projectors: prismatic and cylindrical. •The prismatic lens compresses the hei...

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