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Инструкция по эксплуатации HUGFEN, модель C9-1

Производитель: HUGFEN
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Corrosion Air cooled units are designed for operation in normal ambient air. Any corrosive agent in the air such as ammonia, sea water spray etc. will cause corrosion and would require special protective measures. Corrosion can result in release of pressure and refrigerant. Installation - Electrical The C series Dryers require a 220/240 Volt 1 phase and neutral 50-60 Hz supply. A flying lead is installed on the dryer for convenience. The cable core colours are: Brown Live Blue Neutral Green / Yellow Earth If the unit is connected to a junction box, receiving its supply from another source (e.g., auxiliary contacts of a main starter, or a relay), then it is important that electrical protection is provided by means of a suitably rated H.R.C. fuse located in the line. Installation must comply with the latest edition of IEE Wiring Regulations, Safety Standards and any Local Codes of Practice that apply. Installation - Mechanical Connect the compressed air pipework to the Dryer using approved pipe and fittings of the correct rating and type. To ensure damage does not occur to internal pipework and components during the connection process, remove access cover(s) and if necessary support the internal pipework / components. Please ensure that ALL shut off valves are fully open before starting unit. The drain connection should be connected to a suitably sized drain line and piped to a suitable oil / water separator prior to drain. Installation Recommendations The compressed air pipework should incorporate sufficient shut-off valves to enable the dryer to be by-passed and/or disconnected in the event of repair or replacement. A purge valve should also be fitted at a convenient point to enable the air pressure to be released safely and gradually before undoing any connections. A suitably sized pressure safety device should be fitted to prevent over-pressurisation of the compressed air dryer. If the compressor pumps intermittently, or the total air demand does not exceed the total flow rate of the compressor, the dryer MUST be installed downstream of the receiver. If the receiver is sized to permit wide fluctuations on air demand or if peak demand exceed compressor maximum flow rate, the dryer SHOULD be installed upstream of the receiver. A minimum of 5 micron (Denco recommend 1 micron) pre-filter must be fitted to remove impurities from the air prior to it entering the dryer. Additional filtration may be required downstream of the dryer subject to the site requirements. 1 Air Compressor 2 Receiver 3 Safety Valve 4 Shut off valve 5 Pre-filter (1 micron) 6 Refrigerant Dryer 7 After-filter (0.01 micron, dust filter & activated carbon as required) Commissioning The units are factory pre-set and commissioned and should not need any field adjustment. However, if after a period of time the unit is found to be operating poorly or incorrectly, this may be due to a range of faults or problems which may be analysed by reference to the Fault Finding section of this manual. Start-up Procedure Important Do not allow the compressed air to flow through the unit until the following checks have been made AND THE UNIT SWITCHED ON. 1. Switch the on-off switch / isolator to the "ON" (I) position. The following observations will indicate correct operation: . The fan will start . An airflow will be felt from the condenser discharge grille . After 2 minutes, the compressor will start and a low-level noise will be heard similar to that of a domestic refrigerator. 2. After a further 5 minutes, slowly allow the compressed air supply into the dryer. 3. Press the VALVE button to check the operation of the condensate discharge valve. Note: . Some safety cut outs are auto reset, and unless isolated from the mains the unit can be re-started without warning. . Pressure switches should be adjusted with the power off. . Any work done to the Compressed Air Dryer inv...

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