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Инструкция по эксплуатации Hustler Turf, модель Hustler Mini Z 52

Производитель: Hustler Turf
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An operator should not operate on a slope until he is thoroughly familiar with the equipment. Do not operate on slopes greater than 15 degrees. Refer to Figure 2-1, page 7, when determining the degree of slope to be mowed. IMPORTANT: The Hustler ATZ only, is capable of operating on slopes of 15 degrees or more (maximum 25 degrees). Do not operate the Hustler ATZ on slopes greater than 25 degrees. Refer to Figure 2-1, page 7 when determining the degree of slope to be mowed. It is strongly recommended that the operator drive the machine off of the slope, using extreme caution, if any sign of loss of traction is detected. Wait until the condition that caused the problem is resolved before attempting to operate on the slope again. Terrain conditions can affect traction resulting in possible loss of control of the machine. Some of the conditions to be aware of are: 1. Wet terrain 2. Depressions in the ground; i.e. holes, ruts, washouts 3. Mounds of dirt 4. Soil type; i.e. sand, loose dirt, gravel, clay 5. Grass type, density, and height 6. Extremely dry conditions of grass 7. Tire pressure The attachments mounted to the tractor will also affect the way it handles on a slope. Be aware that each attachment’s characteristics vary. Another consideration to safe mowing on slopes is to be aware of what is located at the bottom of the slope. Extreme caution should be used when there is a hazard located at the bottom of the slope. Some examples are: 1. Water; i.e. lake, river 2. Cliffs, retaining walls 3. Roads, highways 4. Buildings 5. Rocks These are just a few examples of situations when caution must be used when operating on a slope. There are many other possibilities too numerous to mention. Just remember to always exercise extreme caution when operating on any slope. ^ When operating on terrain where there is a potential for a roll over, it is important that a ROPS be installed on the equipment. The ROPS will minimize chance of injury or death from rollover. Seat belt must be fastened while operating a machine equipped with ROPS. Failure to use seat belt will result in serious injury in the event of a roll over. Children Tragic accidents can occur if the operator is not alert to the presence of children. Children are often attracted to the machine and the mowing activity. Never assume that children will remain where you last saw them. ^ Never leave machine unattended with ignition key in switch, especially with children present. ^ Children or bystanders may be injured if they move or attempt to operate the tractor while it is unattended. Always disengage deck clutch, place control levers in park brake position, stop tractor engine, and remove ignition key when leaving operator’s seat. ^ Keep children out of the mowing area and under the watchful care of another responsible adult. ^ Be alert and turn the machine off if children enter the area. ^ Before and while backing, look behind and down for small children. ^ Never carry children, even with the blades off. They may fall off and be seriously injured or interfere with safe machine operation. ^ Never allow children to operate the machine. ^ Use care when approaching blind corners, shrubs, trees, the end of a fence or other objects that may obscure vision. 600876_0706 10 Control Panels Kohler EFI units only Kawasaki liquid cooled units only A B A B B B C C C C D D D D E E E E F G G H H I J CAT diesel units only A -Choke F -Check engine light B -Throttle G -Temperature warning light C -Deck clutch switch H -Alternator warning light D -Ignition switch I -Pre-heat switch E -Oil pressure light J -Hour meter Figure 3-1 IMPORTANT: When access is required under the seat platform and the seat is equipped with the optional arm rests, make certain to place the control arms in the park brake position and pivot the arm rests upward before placing the seat platform in the full forward position to prevent arm rest damage. Control Panel A. Choke control (Fig. 3-1) – a cable is linked to manually operate the engine choke. When the lever is in the down position, the choke is in the off (run) position. When the lever is pulled up, the choke is in the on (start) position. Do not operate the machine in the on (start) position. NOTE: The choke control is not used on Models 927053 & 927061. B. Throttle control (Fig. 3-1) — a cable is linked to engine throttle for controlling engine speed. Move lever forward to increase engine rpm, move lever rearward to decrease engine rpm. C. Deck clutch switch (Fig. 3-1) — this switch engages the deck. Pull the switch up to engage and push switch down to disengage the clutch. IMPORTANT: Never engage clutch with engine running at high rpm or when the deck is under load. Clutch, belts or deck could be damaged. D. Ignition switch (Fig. 3-1) – a three position switch: off, run, and start. With key inserted, rotate it clockwise to START position; release key when engine starts, and switch will automatically return to the RUN position. E. Oil pressure light...

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