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Инструкция по эксплуатации IDEAL INDUSTRIES, модель Heat Gun

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Becker Place Sycamore, IL 60178, U.S.A. 800-435-0705 Customer Assistance idealindustries.com ND 4481-1 DOUBLE INSULATED Danger! When working with heat guns it is vital to follow the following preventive safety guidelines to avoid the risk of fire, explosion, electric shock and bodily injuries. Read these instructions attentively before you use the tool. Keep these instructions in a safe place. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSUSA Warning • Danger! Unplug the tool before opening it, as live components and connections are exposed. • The appliance must not be used in damp or wet surroundings. • Avoid contact with earthed items, e.g. pipes, radiators, cookers or refrigerators. • Do not use in bathroom or over water. • Danger of fire and explosion through improper use of heat guns. Beware of poisonous gases, risk of explosion and ignition. When plastics, lacquers and similar materials are being processed, toxic, explosive and poisonous gases can be generated. • The working space must always be well ventilated. Caution • The voltage rating stated on the tool should correspond to the main power voltage. • Avoid unexpected start-up. Temperature-limit-switch heating off in case of improper use. Attention! Heating is automatically switched on again after cooling. • Ensure that the switch is OFF when connecting to the main power supply. • For personal protection, we strongly recommend the tool be connected to an RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker) before using. • The tool must not be operated without supervision. • Do not use the tool if inflammable gases may be present. Areas behind shutters, ceilings and floors and in hollow walls may contain flammable material. These materials must be checked before using heat gun. Heat may reach materials which are not visible. Do not aim the stream of hot air at the same spot for extended periods. • Cause burns! Do not touch the heat nozzle and adapter when hot as they can cause burns. Never use the tool as a hair dryer. It gets much hotter than a hairdryer! • Do not point the hot air flow in the direction of people or animals. • Keep children at a distance. Do not allow other people to touch the tool or cord, keep them away from the work area. • Consider work area environment. Protect tool from damp and wet. Work area • Keep your work area clean. Cluttered areas and benches invite injuries. • Do not wear loose or flammable clothing. • D not overreach. Keep proper footing and balance of all times. • Use only accessories which are indicated in the instructions for use or are recommended by the manufacturer. The use of accessories other than those indicated in the instruction for use can mean risk of injury. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Operating requirements • The tool must not be used lying flat nor permanently directed downwards. • Ensure that the air inlet openings and the adapter outlet are not USA obstructed, as this can lead to excessive heat build-up and thus to damage to the tool. • After use put the tool on its stand and allow it to cool down completely before packing it away. Application • The tool must be used only for the applications indicated in the instructions for use. Paint stripping • When removing paint care should be exercised, particularly if the paint contains lead pigments. Buildings dating from before 1978 may well have been painted with lead- containing paint which has subsequently been painted over. Before starting work, it is important to determine whether the paint which you wish to remove contains lead. This can be determined using a lead test kits or by a professional paint contractor. Lead and dust containing lead particles are extremely dangerous. Small children and pregnant women are particularly endangered and should be kept away from renovation work in which lead-based paints are being removed. When removing lead-containing paints you should ensure that the work space is shut off from its surroundings. We recommend that a dust-mask should be worn. You should not smoke, eat or drink in work spaces which may be contaminated by lead. Do not burn off the paint. The hot air temperature should remain below 840 .F. Do not misuse the cord • Do not carry the tool by the cord, and do not use the cord to pull the plug out of the socket. • Protect the cord from heat, oil and sharp edges. • Do not wind the cord around the tool. • Use only permitted and correspondingly marked extension cords. • Take care of your tool. Follow the maintenance rules and the instructions for adapter change. • Check the plug and cord regularly; if they are damaged have them replaced by a recognized service center. • Check the extension cords regularly and have damaged ones replaced by a electric specialist. Inspection after damage • Before further use of the tool, slightly damaged parts should be carefully checked to ensure that can fulfil their function correctly and in accordance with requirements. Damaged tools must be repaired by an authorized service center. Never use a tool if its switch w...

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