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Инструкция по эксплуатации Asko, модель W6441

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Фото и характеристики  Asko  W6441
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. When the washer has completed a program, press this button to open the door. Note that the power must be on and the unit must be at the end of a program and the water drained before the door will open. NOTE: For instructions on how to open the door manually in case of power failure, see page 24. . Turn this knob to the desired program. The table on the following page defines each program. . Turn this knob clockwise to the desired wash temperature. Always refer to the garments’ care labels for recommended wash temeratures. Please note that the wash temperature for the Wool Wash and Hand Wash/Delicate programs will not heat higher than 105° F. . ! . Press this button to add two rinses. Press the button again to turn this option off. (This option cannot be cancelled after the main wash water has pumped out.) This option is recommended for persons with sensitive skin or allergies. !5 ). Press this button to omit the spin cycles in all programs along with the final drain. If you select this option, the unit will stop with water in the drum, so you will have to run the Drain program before you can open the door. /00. Press this button to reduce the spin speed from 1200 rpm to 800 rpm. This option is for delicate fabrics that should not be spun at high speeds. Note: This option does not apply to the Rinse and Spin programs.) . To cancel a program after it has started, press and hold the Start/Stop button until the unit stops. If there is water in the unit, you will have to turn the Program Control knob to Drain then press Start. The water will drain and the unit will stop in 30 to 45 seconds. You can then open the door. Page 10 1023 . Your ASKO washer has several programs and options specifically designed to give you the cleanest laundry possible. The tables below define each program. Program Prewash Main Wash Wash Action Temp.(1) (° F) # Rinses Int. Spin Final Spin Spin Speed Load Size Stain yes Long Normal 140 5 2 Long 1200 Full Heavy wash no Long Normal 140 5 2 Long 1200 Full Normal wash no Short Normal 105 5 2 Long 1200 Full Synthetic wash no Short Normal 105 3 no short 800 Half Quick wash no Short Normal 105 3 no Long 1200 Full Super quick wash no Short Normal 105 2 no Short 800 Half Wool wash no Short Gentle 85 (2) 3 no Short 800 Third Hand wash/Delicate no Short Gentle 85 (2) 3 no Short 800 Third Rinse n/a n/a n/a n/a 1 n/a Long 1200 Full Spin n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a Long 1200 Full Drain n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a Full NOTES: (1) Program times will increase when you select higher wash temperatures. (See “Temperature Control” on page 3.) (2) The maximum wash temperature for the Wool Wash and Hand Wash/Delicate programs is 105° F. CAUTION! Some fabrics may not be able to withstand extremely hot temperatures. Always refer to the garment care label for recommended wash temperature. Page 11 +3660#,!%&! +3660#,!%&! . Power Button Press to turn on power to the machine. Power Indicator Light Glows when the power is on. note that the dial does not move as the program advances.) . The Power button turns the power to the machine on and off. When the power is on, the power indicator light glows red. The power must be on before you can open the door, select program options, or start the machine. . Turn this knob to the desired program. The programs are described in the table below. Please note that the knob does not move as the program advances. Stop Position – The Stop position is where the line on the top of the dial aligns with the line on the panel. . The LED window displays the wash temperature for the selected program, the estimated running time, and the remaining time. It also displays the available options for each program. (See ‘Option Buttons” on the next page.) “00” on the LED indicates no program has been selected. “End” on the LED indicates the program is complete. "'!!4!'" !%!. When you select a program, the LED displays the estimated program time based on the time the program ran previously. As the program progresses, the LED displays the remaining program time. This time will vary somewhat due to the temperature of the incoming water and the size of the load. The remaining time is recalculated before the final rinse and may be increased or decreased on the LED. The program time and remaining time display as the hours followed by an “H” and the minutes, as illustrated: Stain Programs Heavy Normal Perma press Quick Super quick Drain Spin Rinse Hand/ Delicate Wool Door Open ButtonOption Buttons Press to select a program option. Program Knob Turn to select a program. (Please LED Window Displays wash temperature, program options, estimated running time, and the remaining time. Start/Stop Button Press to start or stop/ interrupt a program. Press to open the glass door. (Please note that there will be a three-second delay before the door will open.) .. Once you’ve selected the program and options, press this button to start the washer. To stop the washer du...

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